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Traveling solo in Romania

There is no reason to fear traveling solo in Romania. The country is safe, and no rape against tourist have been reported since a long time;thus  you are supposed to do the right difference with other parts of the world, e.g. India or Mexico.

There are a few perfect destinations for singles in Romania, but you must make the right choices, as the agencies tailor their offers usually for families.

If you wanna be totally alone, select a remote cabin in the mountains, off the beaten path. I would recommend Soveja in the Vrancea District and Mountains and the hunting cabin Lepsulet, outside the village. If you are a woman, you are not supposed to go hunting, but you can climb the mountains. Simply doing your toilet in the morning in the ice cold water of the creek will simply refresh you, much more than a hot shower in a fancy hotel room.
A remote cabin in the mountain could make the perfect destination for a  solo tourist aiming to be lonely

Of course, there are much more perfect places for singles in the Romanian mountains, ask me about the most appropriate ones. Besides, another fantastic retreat for the  seekers of the loneliness is the Danube Delta, Europe's best preserved. You can admire the genuine nature in all its splendor,  while doing your daily yoga exercises. If you really feel yourself a small happy part of the huge Universe, full of joy and love to the other human beings you are totally saved from depression. If not, search the company of a local wise fisher or shepherd.  They know and understand so much about life, and you will understand everything, beyond the language. Just trust him and watch deeply in his eyes.
Danube Delta is my saving hint

Supposing further you are that kind of single very fond of clubs, pubs and this kind of social life, please be aware that Bucharest downtown consists on a huge number of such pubs, which very empty on weekends and full of clients during the week. You can find there all the people you are used to see in a club outside: hipsters, corporate, escorts, students and drivers. Many of them are also single and if you are happy enough you can find the right for you. Other destinations for clubbing, but on weekends: Brasov, Poiana Brasov, Constanta, Mamaia
Sibiu is a fantastic city break, and has also a leading art collection

Romania makes also a perfect destination for the culture freaks. There are interesting art and history museums in almost every city, with special mentions for Iasi, Timisoara and Craiova. You can try also unforgettable city breaks in Sighisoara, Cluj Napoca and Oradea. There are good theaters in many places, and German theater in Sibiu. If you feel is not enough, add the painted monasteries from Moldavia, or the Saxon fortified churches from Transilvania.

For the gourmets and wine afficionados, I must say only a few words, like Riesling, Merlot, meat balls, soups etc, in order not to offence your trained tasting cells! Discover your Romania, I can give you good offers next to these tips and tricks.

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