sâmbătă, 29 iunie 2013

Romania and Bulgaria in the same trip

There are many things in common between Romania and Bulgaria, but also a few differences. There are many mutual influences, making both sides richer from this culture clash.

We are neighbors after all,  even good neighbors. Due to the common history, and troubles, there are Bulgarians living in Romania ( all of them are perfect gardeners, have big nose and large neck!) and also Romanians living in Bulgaria (I don't know what say the Bulgarians about us, but I would like to find out). Even the European Union treats us exactly in the same way, we are on the black list, among the poorest countries of the Union.
Enthusiasthic German Tourists in the Village museum from Bucharest

There are major differences of culture, the Romanian language is a Latin one, using the Latin Alphabet, while the Bulgarian is Slavic and they use the Cyrillic Alphabet (nevertheless, we are both Orthodox, and the church rituals are very similar!). We have had both for more than 40 years a communist dictatorship, our leaders Ceausescu and Zhivkov were close friends.We killed Ceausescu, the Bulgarians emprisonned Zhivkov, but released him (apparently no one goes in prison on Bulgaria).
An excellent marine restaurant in Dalboka, Bulgaria, near a marine farm. Simply impossible to find something similar in Romania

In the both countries there are a city named Targoviste, and a village called Arbanassi!

In the communist times, was practically impossible to visit both countries during the same vacation. Even today it is not so easy, very few travel agencies can do this! Karpaten is one of them, and I ruled a trip organized by this agency in Romania and Bulgaria. I am still trying to remain unbiased, and must accept: Bulgaria is also a nice country, with spectacular landscapes. The people are also normal and friendly, just like the Romanians. As a plus for my beloved Romania: the streets are a little better!
A good Romanian Folcloric show in Restaurant Pescarus/Bucharest

Impossible to understand in Bulgaria:totally different to any civilized country, the guests are supposed to pay for the Internet. And the Bulgarians are not flexible enough to hear and follow any advices. An exception is the excellent hotel Kalina Palace from Trijavna, and the fantastic administrator Lena Ivanova.

Also important and very good to know: the money exchange is not all right in a few places in Bulgaria (on the beaches of Goldstrand e.g.). Maybe  the appropriate legislation simply lucks, but the results are very bad for the image of Bulgaria worldwide.

Will try to complete my comparison, but now I am waiting for your positions and opinions.

There are not many agencies offering during the same trip Romania and Bulgaria, and I am able to recommend you the best, must simply contact me or Karpaten/ A Vista.