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The Russians of Romania

The Romanians, as a tolerant welcoming people, have a huge force to adopt and integer representatives of other nations. There are not very many foreigners in Romania (under 10 % totally) , it is really a compact country. We really love and esteem our minorities ( The Hungarians are the most important at this moment).

But let us speak further about the Russians of Romania. Russia with its huge plains, hot teas and beautiful women exert a strange fascination onto the Romanians. We remember them in the harsh winters when it is very cold and they let the Northern winds coming to Romania ( please don't let them again, spasiva!). We remember them thinking to the men and women from Siberia, surviving at -70 degrees Celsius (any Romanian is half dead at -20 degrees Celsius). These methods of survival must be secret, and we really want to learn from the Russians. We forget probably the Russians in the hot seasons, having other fantasies.
The Bucovina Hutzuls are keeping their spectacular suits and traditions

We have had a long history together, and sometimes the Tzarist Empire, or the Moscow's Communist regime have been not very friendly against politicians. There is no matter, the politicians did that. We really love the normal ordinary people of Russia!

Not very many Romanians speak Russian nowadays, after this language have been imposed at school during the 50's, but some Romanians loving vodka have learned. We love the strong Russian culture.
The beauty of Bucovina is due also to the Hutzuls, the descendants of the  Russian refugees

In the Russian history have been some moments when certain oppressed people searched a shelter in Romania. And they really found a   second happy home in Romania ( even if they can't understand the art of tasting wine, ha ha!). During the XIXth century The Orthodoxe Russians following the old calendar have been subject of oppression and persecutions, due to the reforms of the Russian Orthodoxe Church. Romania was naturally their first option, it is the only one Orthodoxe country in the area.
The Russians from Danube Delta build other compact group keeping their traditions, and are known as  Lippovans.

They found shelter in some remote places of Romania, still fearing the strong arm of the Russian justice. Some of them settled in Bucovina, and in a few villages of this Romanian region you still can find their followers, when the community was big enough to preserve their traditions. They are called Hutzuls there, and breed wonderful horses.

Other important group of Russian fugees found shelter in the Danube Delta. No one could find them there, the idea was brilliant. Today, after almost 200 years, most of the fishermen from the Danube Delta still speak an old Russian language,  keeps amazing traditions and drink heavily vodka or other strong spirits. Their Sunday church service is really spectacular, observing their traditional suits.

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