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Most important things to know about the Jews in Romania

Most important things to know about the Jews in Romania

Nowadays, unfortunately, there are only few Jews still living in Romania, most of them very old. We, the Romanians, or most of us, repent  very much this unhappy evolution.

But there are few things remembering their importance presence in the Romanian history. You can still find in Bucharest a huge Jewish district, with the Choral temple and the synagogue. You can still find people able to tell you some stories about the good old times, about the Romanian Jews, their ability for trade and our life together.
The Choral Temple from Bucharest is still impressive and still in use

Many Jews have  played for centuries an important role in the Romanian society (economy, culture, etc). They came and set here in waves, from different parts of the world where they was subject to persecutions and unfair treatment ( e.g. Galitia/Austrian Empire, Russia etc). The brave people escaping the Holocaust gone to Israel, getting finally a home there. Fortunately, we still have a few living and working in Romania!
Almost 100 years ago every Romanian town had a synagogue (here in Focsani)

Most of the cities and towns from Moldavia or Wallachia have their legends with Jewish traders and a central street full with different shops belonging to them. They had to be very innovative in their areas, as the Romanians, Armenians, Greek or Turks competitors were not waiting with crossed hands! Many of these downtowns in cities and towns with their obsolete atmosphere have been destroyed, turning in industrial towns. About these industrial towns with their uniform grey blocks of flat, everybody agree: they are not nice and attractive for the tourists, and the locals must reinvent themselves.
A much bigger, more modern and in use synagogue, in Cluj Napoca

Thus, a good opportunity for foreign investments, specially from the Israeli Jews who know Romania. We have shared our lives for a while, and wait for them to come back. For the younger ones, is to recommend a special tour for discovering the Jewish traditions. I will warmly and salute all of them, recommending the next steps!

And another important fact: Romanian is in Israel almost an official language. Everywhere the Romanian are respected and very well treated. We must say thank you for all these things, and trying to act in the same way!

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