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Most important things to know about Bucharest museums

In a city like Bucharest its museums are a special attraction, enhancing the the provocative charm of the Romanian Capital. There are for sure many museums in Bucharest, and every one of them requires more hours for a thorough visit and discover. You must only make the good choice from the rich collections of Bucharest museums according your specific wishes and hobbies.

I tried to make a personal selection, and these are the museums I usually visit and recommend. I would start with the National Romanian History Museum, residing in a wonderful Palace in the very center of Bucharest downtown. The building is a former headquarter of the very well respected and influential  Romanian Post, but no one could find a better location for a history museum. It dates back from the beginning of the XXth century, and breaths history. Even if you are not a history freak, it is good start for knowing the Romanian history, which is very rich and long. You must have notice the Roman origin of the Romanian language, and in the museum you will understand it better watching the fragments (copies) of the Roman Traianus' Column: the mighty Romans have conquered the ancient Dacians, giving birth to the Romanian people and language. Many other artifacts, temporary or permanent exhibitions are waiting for you!
The Romanian national History museum hosts many artifacts, permanent or temporary exhibition

The History Museum lies on Calea Victoriei/Victory way,  where took place the military parades a few time ago. earlier, 300 years ago maybe, it was totally wood covered and the fancy horse wagons could drive in the best conditions, and was known as Podul mogosoaiei. Follow the street, heading north, in a nice walk and discover the National Art Museum, in a Royal palace, which Ceausescu has also used while he was a president in the communist time. Observe the nice building , its eclectic architecture style, but don't miss the paintings. They are simply amazing and wonderful, many Romanian and foreign masters.
Many Romanian and foreign painting masters can be seen in the Romanian Art Museum, a former Royal palace

Further, not very far, easy accessible and reachable by walking, is the Government residence in the huge Piata Victoriei/Victory square. Right here, in the big parks around, find other three Bucharest museums: Romanian peasant's; Geology museum and the Natural History Museum. It is a happy location here, you can visit any of them, or all of them. Important to know anyway, in my opinion, anyone of them is a visit worth. But you may also visit none of them, and keep walking with your last drops of energy, reaching the Village Museum, which is a must see. It is in the middle of Herastrau, the biggest park of the city, and has many traditional houses from the different parts of Romania, which are old, traditional and genuine. The craftsmen are proudly showing their works, sometimes even producers of bio products are exhibiting. But a visit here is an event always, and gives you a broader view on Romania and enjoying all your senses.
This wonderful building hosts The Museum of the National Peasant

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