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Myths and legends about the most significant building worldwide

Between West and wast, between traditional and modern, between breathtaking beauties and ugly buildings, Bucharest is a place to discover. And even a place to live for its almost 3 Millions inhabitants, 10 % expats, ask them if you don't trust me!

The Romanian capital welcomes you very natural and unsophisticated. Its seducing architecture mix is very promising for any art or history freak. Very close to the Downtown, with its many restaurants and bars, even if you don't wish, The People House will arise before your eyes like a sun. It is simply impossible to miss it, as its central position on a rocky hill makes it visible from a long distance.

Only a few old people can remember the quiet life before 1977 in the area. It was a wonderful quarter with houses for the middle class, all covered in green.  It was a charming quiet oasis in the middle of a busy Capital. After the earthquake of 1977 a few houses and old churches of the area have been severely damaged, and urgent reparations were needed. Instead, Ceausescu took the decision to build an exclusive quarter for him and his nomenclature. All the Romanian people payed a high price for it, measured in the huge deprivations we suffered. 20000 people, solders and workers, have worked for 5 years from dawn to sunset, using the best available raw matters (wood, marble, crystals etc). It is said (only a legend, which we can't check anymore) that some people died, and have been buried in the foundation! But the results are convincing and even breathtaking. The Guiness World Records Book places it on the 2nd rank worldwide, behind the Pentagon,  with total surface of 330 000 sqm! Thinking about its volume of 2 550 cubic metres ranks the third worldwide. Also known as the "Devil's Nest", it has some dimensions: length 270 meters, width 240 meters, height 84 meters, and depth 92 meters (atomic shelter and a network of tunnels are beneath the huge building).
Very huge and spectacular, the Romanian parliament house has been build with a huge price

Nicolae Ceausescu did not achieve his building, and did not manage to see it in the final version. When he died in 1989 only the face and a few rooms were ready. It is also said, that the constructors, exhausted by the daily sessions  with Ceausescu, and his unbelievable demands, even took the decision to bury a crane (which will check the Archaeologists, in a few hundreds or thousands years!). After the Romanian revolution and dissolution of Ceausescu regime, nobody knew what should be done with the huge building. Some voices found it an ugly dark symbol of the communist regime, and even asked its demolition! Another idea of the same level was transforming it in a huge casino, following the Las Vegas model. Fact is, The People house, could be neglected, ruining itself. The most reasonable and wise decision has been finaly made, namely to end up the works, at other speed and other budgets, of course. Nowadays it hosts the Romanian Parliament and some international meeting and conferences. An inside visit is also possible in a few rooms (there are 6 floors and 20 building corps), The monumental sculptures, golden works, marbles, huge tapestry and heavy crystals  will impress any visitor.
The second biggest building worldwide is very impressive inside too!

Thinking about this house, there is a strange prophecy of an Indian, namely Sundar Singh,born in 1889, who has visited the Christian countries during the first decade of the XXth century. He foresees a golden future for Bucharest and Romania, as an island of neutrality and tolerance, speaking even about a huge building in the heart of Bucharest.

I still have many things to tell you about The Parliament House, Bucharest etc. Maybe during your trip to Romania!

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