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5 Most Captivating Castles in Romania

5 Most Captivating Castles in Romania

The Romanians suffer on a strange disease: they are very generous when come to naming a building as a palace. It must be a relic from the bad communist years, when the buildings were almost identical, and the local identity totally destroyed. Under these circumstances, maybe you you will understand easier: any older building, different to the contemporary stalinist style became automatically a palace.

Any small town has a palace, and even many villages have an own palace! Most of them totally decayed or insignificant, showing to be big disappointments! That's the reason why I shall name the massive, old, special and significant buildings as castles!

Trying to make a selection of the most impressive castles in Romania, Peles comes first, no doubt. It has been built by the first German King of Romania by the end of the XIXth century. It lies in a wonderful alpine landscape, in Sinaia, where the neighboring forest turned to be a park. Inside is a sophisticate expression of the best taste. From the castle's 100 rooms you will allowed to visit only 4 or 5, during a guided tour. But they are really the best ones, and the most spectacular. You will see even a present from an Indian maharajah, but I don't unveil more!
The Bran Castle had nothing to do with Dracula, but takes a huge profit of this myth

Second comes the Bran castle. Also owned by the former King's family, was intended to guard a trade way between Transilvania and Wallachia by its inauguration in the XVth century. On mysterious way, it has been tighten with the myth of Dracula (not true at all, to be honest!) and enjoys crowds of visitors. That's why I  recommend to start the visit in the morning.
The massive Corvin castle from Hunedoara

Another interesting and recommended choice, for the third place, is the Medieval Castle from Hunedoara, who belonged to the Prince Iancu de Hunedoara. He ruled over Transilvania, and the Romanians claim this name for him, together with his Romanian origin. The Hungarians name him Janos Hunyady, and say he was Hungarian. Maybe the true is in the middle, or maybe beyond: new approaches said it was a Serbian! The historic truth is that he was very brave, fought successfully more times against the Turks and died suddenly on plague. This castle belonged to him, and you can admire the some unhappy restoration works, but also a shocking torture room.
The Fortress of Poenari really belonged to Dracula, but lies off the beaten path!

On the fourth place, The Fortress of Poenari, waits only the trained skilled people, who can climb 1000 stairs. It really belonged to Vlad Tepes Dracula, who used it for refuge and defending fortress. There are still rumors for lost treasure of the Prince Dracula, hidden in this remote area, many people are still searching!
The Fortress of Rasnov is another Eagle's nest, very rewarding for the pacient tourists

On the 5th place, also last, but not least, the Fortress of Rasnov, by Brasov, offers a fantastic unique view to the Carpathians!

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Most important things to know about the Jews in Romania

Most important things to know about the Jews in Romania

Nowadays, unfortunately, there are only few Jews still living in Romania, most of them very old. We, the Romanians, or most of us, repent  very much this unhappy evolution.

But there are few things remembering their importance presence in the Romanian history. You can still find in Bucharest a huge Jewish district, with the Choral temple and the synagogue. You can still find people able to tell you some stories about the good old times, about the Romanian Jews, their ability for trade and our life together.
The Choral Temple from Bucharest is still impressive and still in use

Many Jews have  played for centuries an important role in the Romanian society (economy, culture, etc). They came and set here in waves, from different parts of the world where they was subject to persecutions and unfair treatment ( e.g. Galitia/Austrian Empire, Russia etc). The brave people escaping the Holocaust gone to Israel, getting finally a home there. Fortunately, we still have a few living and working in Romania!
Almost 100 years ago every Romanian town had a synagogue (here in Focsani)

Most of the cities and towns from Moldavia or Wallachia have their legends with Jewish traders and a central street full with different shops belonging to them. They had to be very innovative in their areas, as the Romanians, Armenians, Greek or Turks competitors were not waiting with crossed hands! Many of these downtowns in cities and towns with their obsolete atmosphere have been destroyed, turning in industrial towns. About these industrial towns with their uniform grey blocks of flat, everybody agree: they are not nice and attractive for the tourists, and the locals must reinvent themselves.
A much bigger, more modern and in use synagogue, in Cluj Napoca

Thus, a good opportunity for foreign investments, specially from the Israeli Jews who know Romania. We have shared our lives for a while, and wait for them to come back. For the younger ones, is to recommend a special tour for discovering the Jewish traditions. I will warmly and salute all of them, recommending the next steps!

And another important fact: Romanian is in Israel almost an official language. Everywhere the Romanian are respected and very well treated. We must say thank you for all these things, and trying to act in the same way!

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Medium Romanian Wines

Despite my deep love for my country, Romania, I must accept that not everything is perfect here! We have corrupted politicians, o.k. (who hasn't?), but we also have fantastic, charming, helping, normal people (and this matter really counts, I hope).
Romania is before all a wine country

Thinking to Romania as a wine country, but trying to be unbiased, I must say that could be a problem if you want to buy a good wine from the supermarket, it  might be a tricky moment! Better search for a reliable producer, but what you do when you are in the mood at night for a glass of wine? You go to the supermarket, I did myself yesterday. I avoided the cheap import wines, and I also avoided the cheapest Romanian wines.
I was not very happy with these specific wines

I made first a good choice, I was hoping: a bottle of  half dried Merlot Rose from Murfatlar/Conu Alecu. It was to be a special occasion, I payed for a bottle of 750 ml 15 RON (almost 4 Euros) and I was not happy at all with that wine.Maybe I have too high expectation for this producer, and is entirely my fault then! But the liquid I found in the bottle was not at all a good wine, as I can recognize one! 
Don't miss anymore opportunities to visit caves and vineyards in Romania!

I made another try, hoping to a much better experience. I checked and double checked a bottle of dried Merlot from Rovinex/Romanian Classic/Dealurile Vrancei with the same results. It is not a premium wine I could recommend or drinking the second time. But it was cheaper, 12 RON/3 Euros for a bottle.

First conclusion: don't expect to find a very good wine under 20 RON/ 5 Euros and don't miss opportunities to visit caves, wineries and vineyards! You can find excellent unbottled  wines for 2-3 Euros/100 cl, which means a significant difference!

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Most important things to know about the rural Romania

If you wish becoming an expert in Romanian problems, or think you are already, you must have noticed the regional differences between the Romanians from Moldavia, Wallachia or Transilvania, due to the historic occupations from different people.
The Romanian churches are a good place to gather the locals on every Sunday

Everything is set now, we made peace with our historic enemies, we love and esteem them whether they still live in Romania or have gone in other countries searching their happiness. The Romanians are deeply tolerant, and have an overwhelming force to assimilate other people. The most important thing for you is briefly this: you are welcomed! The people will enjoy your company, will try to speak to you and will probably invite you to lunch or dinner. You can accept or refuse, they will be not upset.
A welcoming wine tasting room

Less than 5 % of the Romanian village population is to fear, and those are not necessary the poorest. You are supposed to feel these dangerous people and avoid them, if you are really a world traveler, as I assume. If you aren't, take big care, and maybe the best thing for you is booking through an established incoming agency, e.g. Karpaten.

If you insist knowing Romania by your own, you can still book your flight over Internet to get a good price., but once in Romania use the local buses or train, they are perfect for this choice. They will observe, despite your desperate try to dress and look like a local (probably you don't speak Romanian perfect!). Most probably, the invitations will start to fall, and you are not ought to accept the first. Anyway, take a look to the room and ask about the price, it is totally normal. If you still want to stay on an adventure budget travel, you can even cook by yourself  your local specialties, inviting your host to join. They will appreciate very much this way of socializing, and will totally adopt and love you.
Country landscape in Romania, with a good fresh air

In some remote parts of the country, e.g Maramures or Danube Delta, you can simply seduce the locals giving them cigarettes and alcohol, but broadly speaking the Romanians are becoming more sophisticated. Try to visit the local gathering points, e.g. the church and the pub. Be very careful about the proper decent suit during the Sunday service in the village church. To the pub don't take such severe precautions anymore. Visit also the local markets (flea market, vegetable market) and you will surely find many interesting things.
In some remote regions, e.g. Danube Delta, is usually a good idea giving to the locals  cigarettes and alcohol

Even to the countryside you have good opportunities to discover Romania in style. In many regions with an intense touristic circulation four stars pensions or hotels will be happy to welcome you, even in the middle of nowhere. Enjoy your senses in a fancy restaurant or to the spa.

Whether in style or on a budget, discover your piece of Rural Romania, counting on the locals welcoming you. With the unavoidable exceptions, they are friendly, polite, have good manners, and the big wish to help their guests. Give them something back, learning a few elementary words and phrases of the Romanian language. And drink a glass of Romanian wine with them.

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UNESCO World Heritage sites in Romania

Visiting a World Heritage Site in any part of the world is one of the most important thing to do in order to get  the best from tour destination. It is on one side, a small tribute to the hyper qualified, but independent, team of the UNESCO experts searching world wide treasures of the mankind, worth to a visit from you. On the other side, you go to the best destinations certified by independent authorities, sparing precious time and money for your searches.

Romania is one of the happiest examples worldwide of perfect coincidence between the recommended UNESCO sites and the most frequented destinations. The complete list of the approved UNESCO world heritage sites in Romania is easy to check at http://whc.unesco.org and most of these destinations I am warmly recommending with any possible occasion, in writing or speaking, inline and offline.

A floating hotel is a wise way to visit Danube Delta
Briefly, the approved UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Romania are the following:

1. Danube Delta is one of the best preserved Deltas in the world, a last refugee for many endemic and endangered species of plants and animals (mainly birds). Strongly protected by the Romanian authorities at local or national levels, offers even spectacular human encounters with the fishermen from that region. Most of the are the descendants of fugitive persecuted Russians from the XIXth century, making this piece of water and land simply unique!
Voronet, a breathtaking pearl of the Middle Age

2.Painted Monasteries from Bucovina have used secret recipes for their colors, making sometimes the restoration works almost impossible (most renowned of it is the "Blue of Voronet", compared with " Veronese green" or "Tizian's Red"). Painted in the Middle Age, they tried to bring the region myths closer to the people. It is amazing the perfect harmony with the environment (soil, sky, villages and the surrounding hills)
Barsana Church from Maramures

3.Wooden Churches from Maramures are very traditional, build in same way as few centuries ago. They are to find in a remote insulated region of the country, where there is still plenty of wood. Also to observe in the region, the massive wooden gates, measuring the wealth of the locals. They have been build during an oppression period, when the Romanians were not allowed to build in concrete or stone. But these fantastic wooden churches lasted better!

4. The Horezu Monastery is an unique architecture masterpiece in the Romanian Brancovan style. Has a perfect balance among colors, shapes and ornaments, simply  overwhelming for any culture freak!
The amazing Sighisoara Fortress during a Medieval Carnival

5.The Historic City of Sighisoara is the only one Medieval Fortress still inhabited. Easy accessible from any point of the town Sighisoara, offer broad view to the all region. My secret tip: discover the traces of Dracula, eating in its birth house!
The Fortified Church from Biertan

6.The Fortified Churches from Transilvania could shelter for weeks the all population of an entire village, if the reserves were enough! Most renowned in Biertan or Viscri (where Prince Charles of Britain owns a few properties)

7.The Antique Fortifications of the Dacians from the Orastie Mountains are not easy to access, as they belonged to the ancestors of the Romanians, running from the conquering Romans. Most renowned is the Sarmizegetusa Regia. Savage mountains, mysterious artifacts complete an interesting getaway.

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The Russians of Romania

The Romanians, as a tolerant welcoming people, have a huge force to adopt and integer representatives of other nations. There are not very many foreigners in Romania (under 10 % totally) , it is really a compact country. We really love and esteem our minorities ( The Hungarians are the most important at this moment).

But let us speak further about the Russians of Romania. Russia with its huge plains, hot teas and beautiful women exert a strange fascination onto the Romanians. We remember them in the harsh winters when it is very cold and they let the Northern winds coming to Romania ( please don't let them again, spasiva!). We remember them thinking to the men and women from Siberia, surviving at -70 degrees Celsius (any Romanian is half dead at -20 degrees Celsius). These methods of survival must be secret, and we really want to learn from the Russians. We forget probably the Russians in the hot seasons, having other fantasies.
The Bucovina Hutzuls are keeping their spectacular suits and traditions

We have had a long history together, and sometimes the Tzarist Empire, or the Moscow's Communist regime have been not very friendly against politicians. There is no matter, the politicians did that. We really love the normal ordinary people of Russia!

Not very many Romanians speak Russian nowadays, after this language have been imposed at school during the 50's, but some Romanians loving vodka have learned. We love the strong Russian culture.
The beauty of Bucovina is due also to the Hutzuls, the descendants of the  Russian refugees

In the Russian history have been some moments when certain oppressed people searched a shelter in Romania. And they really found a   second happy home in Romania ( even if they can't understand the art of tasting wine, ha ha!). During the XIXth century The Orthodoxe Russians following the old calendar have been subject of oppression and persecutions, due to the reforms of the Russian Orthodoxe Church. Romania was naturally their first option, it is the only one Orthodoxe country in the area.
The Russians from Danube Delta build other compact group keeping their traditions, and are known as  Lippovans.

They found shelter in some remote places of Romania, still fearing the strong arm of the Russian justice. Some of them settled in Bucovina, and in a few villages of this Romanian region you still can find their followers, when the community was big enough to preserve their traditions. They are called Hutzuls there, and breed wonderful horses.

Other important group of Russian fugees found shelter in the Danube Delta. No one could find them there, the idea was brilliant. Today, after almost 200 years, most of the fishermen from the Danube Delta still speak an old Russian language,  keeps amazing traditions and drink heavily vodka or other strong spirits. Their Sunday church service is really spectacular, observing their traditional suits.

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Traveling solo in Romania

There is no reason to fear traveling solo in Romania. The country is safe, and no rape against tourist have been reported since a long time;thus  you are supposed to do the right difference with other parts of the world, e.g. India or Mexico.

There are a few perfect destinations for singles in Romania, but you must make the right choices, as the agencies tailor their offers usually for families.

If you wanna be totally alone, select a remote cabin in the mountains, off the beaten path. I would recommend Soveja in the Vrancea District and Mountains and the hunting cabin Lepsulet, outside the village. If you are a woman, you are not supposed to go hunting, but you can climb the mountains. Simply doing your toilet in the morning in the ice cold water of the creek will simply refresh you, much more than a hot shower in a fancy hotel room.
A remote cabin in the mountain could make the perfect destination for a  solo tourist aiming to be lonely

Of course, there are much more perfect places for singles in the Romanian mountains, ask me about the most appropriate ones. Besides, another fantastic retreat for the  seekers of the loneliness is the Danube Delta, Europe's best preserved. You can admire the genuine nature in all its splendor,  while doing your daily yoga exercises. If you really feel yourself a small happy part of the huge Universe, full of joy and love to the other human beings you are totally saved from depression. If not, search the company of a local wise fisher or shepherd.  They know and understand so much about life, and you will understand everything, beyond the language. Just trust him and watch deeply in his eyes.
Danube Delta is my saving hint

Supposing further you are that kind of single very fond of clubs, pubs and this kind of social life, please be aware that Bucharest downtown consists on a huge number of such pubs, which very empty on weekends and full of clients during the week. You can find there all the people you are used to see in a club outside: hipsters, corporate, escorts, students and drivers. Many of them are also single and if you are happy enough you can find the right for you. Other destinations for clubbing, but on weekends: Brasov, Poiana Brasov, Constanta, Mamaia
Sibiu is a fantastic city break, and has also a leading art collection

Romania makes also a perfect destination for the culture freaks. There are interesting art and history museums in almost every city, with special mentions for Iasi, Timisoara and Craiova. You can try also unforgettable city breaks in Sighisoara, Cluj Napoca and Oradea. There are good theaters in many places, and German theater in Sibiu. If you feel is not enough, add the painted monasteries from Moldavia, or the Saxon fortified churches from Transilvania.

For the gourmets and wine afficionados, I must say only a few words, like Riesling, Merlot, meat balls, soups etc, in order not to offence your trained tasting cells! Discover your Romania, I can give you good offers next to these tips and tricks.

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Most Important Reasons to Visit Romania

You are not supposed to believe when I am declaring about the Romania being a paradise on Earth (but this is the true and the fact). Historically speaking, in the 70's Romania was a favorite target for foreign tourists, despite the huge differences in the politics and ideology compared to the non communist world. It was maybe the good bright side of the communist dictatorship ruled by Ceausescu.

Digging deeper in the past, in the 30's the glamorous Bucharest was called by all its tourists "The Little Paris", and I think that you already understood why from other books and authors.

After the fall of Ceausescu, the collapse of the communism and the dissolution of its regime, the Romanian tourism has suffered for years on a bad management, lack of infrastructure, high prices and bad services (the worst ratio between quality and price, I must accept). All these things are already past, and nowadays the Romanian tourism and the professional see again good reasons to be optimist.
History and archaeology tours in Romania are interesting for many people

For you as a potential visitor in Romania there are many reasons for doing it and taking this decision. You can only win doing this, and I want give you the most important reasons to visit Romania.

1. The professional of the travel industry are doing their homework right. They speak foreign languages, are able to find the best quotes and to organize unforgettable travels and circuits, being also nice pleasant persons (but believe, most of the people are like this, you are going to love the Romanian for sure!). I am discovering daily smaller or bigger travel agencies or companies with skills, informations and strong recommendations (e.g Euforia Travel is not very big, but very well managed and has some excellent offers!)
In Romania you can find luxury at unbeatable prices, and broadly speaking, a good ratio between  price and  the quality of the service. Also important: low tips!

2.If you are a nature freak, remember that Romania still possesses large populations of bears and wolves. We can also proudly show you tall mountains (nevertheless accessible for medium trained people, including women and children) and the unique Danube Delta.

3.If you are a culture freak, you can do a lot of fantastic tours: archaeology tours, urban archaeology tours, religious tours. Some of the Romanian museums from Bucharest, as also the Bruckenthal Museum from Sibiu   have an excellent reputations among the art conaisseurs from all over the world.
A wine and gastronomy tour in Romania might be the right thing for you

4. If you like to eat, or you love wine, I have also planned something for you. Romania has a long tradition as a wine producer, but you can also drink your beer here!

5. Romania is not only a wonderful country, but also a very safe one. The crime rate is very low, even in Bucharest downtown. There is no danger of rape as in other parts of the world, you can visit it and enjoy your lover/fiancee.

6. The prices are very good nowadays reported to the quality of the services and you can take profit on it. Romania is also a fantastic target for incentives and team building, I can recommend again an expert, namely Euforia Travel.

These are in my opinion the most important reasons for visiting Romania. And I can find many others, supposing you need more. Remember, please, that the Romanian tourism is booming, and you can still win to the favorable quotations!

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Best tips for family travel in Romania

Coming in Romania with your family is an excellent idea. In order to turn it in an unforgettable adventure or vacation there are a few important things you should be aware of.

First of all, make the good choice from the start. Book through a well known, well established travel agency. In my opinion, after working and checking in more companies,the best one for incoming is Karpaten with a wide offer and excellent prices, which you can't get on your own. Ask me about it, or contact directly Karpaten.
The Romanian traditions will totally seduce you

Second, if you come in Romania on a budget, is very helpful booking a few weeks in advance in order to get the best deals to the air companies. There are many sites for that, a good local one is www.vola.ro . Will be great avoiding staying the hotels from the big Romanian cities, starting with Bucharest, as many of them are oriented to the luxury and stylish tourists. Nevertheless, you can find *** or ** hotels, or even hostels at decent prices. Much better, stay in a smaller city, off the beaten path, most of them are really charming, peaceful and you can find many bargains while shopping in the central vegetables or flea market.
Climbing mountains in Romania might be just the thing you need

A great option is also staying to the countryside and have a fantastic contact with the nature and local meals. The available pensions are simply exaggerating with their meals, no one can eat so much. Besides, they are for sure among the children friendliest places on Earth, they will simply spoil your children.

Staying by the locals who hire a few rooms might be a good idea only if you inform about the prices. Please take big care about it! Once this detail set, you will dip in a fantastic traditional culture, and I am pretty sure you will be deeply and pleasant surprised about it. Please rediscover some noises and flavors which you can't find anymore at home.
Don't miss the Rural Romania

If you want climbing mountains, don't neglect the prior training for your family, mainly the kids. Don't forget good maps, GPS, mobile phones (112 for emergency call), lights as they can save your life and health. There are cabins and hiking trails in the mountains to your convenience, inform about them and select right according to your skills, training level  and mood.

About the meals, a special tip: many restaurants off the beaten path have fantastic offers called "Oferta Zilei" (The Offer of The Day) where you can eat a good 3 dishes lunch with 3 Euros!

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Urban Archaeology in Romania

Romania is one of the few countries in the world where almost a half of the population still leaves to the countryside, and this is one of the reasons making this unbelievable country so attractive.

But I don't want to propose you this time another Romania Rural Tour. Not at all, even on the contrary. I love also the Romanian cities, and all of them have their obvious or secret charm for the hard workers searching for it. There is a very interesting thing to observe in every Romanian city, namely the circular structure. If the specific city you are visiting has a downtown, see the upcoming rings, estimating their age. A Romanian city is really like a tree, and you can guess its history and successive ages  judging only based on these rings.
I am becoming more and more a fan of the older Bucharest and its way of life. What do you think about it?

To be more specific, I would rather refer to Bucharest. The Downtown counts in its core buildings from the XVIIIth century, and even much older ones. 500 Meters further you will surprisingly see buildings from the late XIXth and the young XXth century in a charming mix of architectural styles. It is very similar with Paris, the visitors used to call Bucharest the little Paris. After other 500 metres discover the traces of The Ceausescu Era, who massively destroyed downtown for building modern luxury blocks of flats for his devoted nomenclature (about 1985).
The Romanian Television Central Office is already obsolete, but still very useful

Another 500 Meters away other blocks of flats, from the 1950's with much lower standards, for the developing working class of those times. These blocks of flats have big problems nowadays, when celebrating their 50th anniversary or more. The installations are not working properly anymore, and the destroyed Romanian industry doesn't hire any more. The inhabitants are old and poor, not able anymore even to paint the flats, neither outside, nor inside. The fact is that everybody's dream is to move away from these sad living silos, but only a few .can afford to do that.

You might be tired, you already walked a few kilometres through the Romanian history! Take a break in an underground bar from an old house, some of them are really charming with their strange atmosphere. Once refreshed, keep on walking or take a cab. You are looking now for the former huge industrial factories, the pride of the Ceausescu regime. After his fall, most of these factories showed themselves to be not able to compete or perform or to make a profit. Most of them closed their gates, and left behind huge buildings. Find them, they are amazing and overwhelming, as the creativity of the Romanians giving these huge spaces a second life. In some of them, between lathes and milling machines, one tried to start up a bar, club, wholesale or whatsoever. But huge surfaces are still available, maybe you can start a business in Romania!

Take a deep breath and a long walk on these sites, trying to figure their former life, full of  noises or fumes. Imagine the obsolete production methods, based on hard human work, and ask yourself if progress necessarily means better! And after this breathtaking visit, observe beyond the factories the last ring: building from 1990 up today. Mainly villas, very modern and sophisticated, but also some small or medium sized companies, looking very modern. To be honest, I like better and even love so much more the old factories and neighborhoods, they are full of life, joy and joy of life.

marți, 2 aprilie 2013

Best Spa Tours in Romania

Usually, when taking a spa vacation, you go in a certain place and care about yourself. All the people spoils you, but you are supposed to respect strictly the treatment procedures and a certain way of life (e.g. no more than a glass of wine at every meal. Let it be a Merlot from Recas!)

Such cures usually last for ever. I mean, after the scheduled 3 weeks, you are going to feel a deep relief. It is really a new life, and you will leave Romania richer with a few revelations. Try practicing yoga during your treatment, it is really  great! And, much more important, keep practicing afterwards, while keeping the same way of life. It is not very difficult, and will make you feel so great. There are so many possibilities for undergoing specialized treatments in Romania, starting from fighting rheumatism and up to the wellness rejuvenating cure. Ask about all the details whether me, or Karpaten Turism, the best Romanian incoming agency.
The exquisite Spa Hotel Belvedere in Govora

But, supposing you are very healthy, at the peak of your performance, wishing simply let the people spoil you in the Romanian spa and wellness resorts. Staying three weeks in only one location could seriously ruin your shape, and this is the reason for the proposition I am going to make you, namely a Romania Spa Tour. And I am sure it is the best possible, believe me, as I know what say.

Start your trip with a few days on the Romanian coast, in  Eforie Nord or Techirghiol. Even these days, off the season, a few exquisite spa resorts from these resorts are opened, welcoming their guests.  They will totally spoil you with spa, wellness, exquisite meals( never ask horse meat) and distinguished service. Play the King or the Queen, please! Leaving these hotels falls always tough, but we still have some destination to discover in Romania.
Hercules used to come in Herculane searching a  good rest

On the way from Constanta to Bucharest, have a longer or shorter break in Amara, by Slobozia. This is a small spa resort, off the beaten path, but its mud is really making wonders against rheumatism. Don't stay in Bucharest this time, drive rather to Ramnicu Valcea, and discover very close some renowned spa retreats, like Govora, Olanesti, Caciulata with their fantastic salt waters. Jump simply inside, and swim (there is practically no effort needed!) and you will be able to make the difference very soon!

But the crowned queen of the Romanian spa is Herculane, where Hercules himself used to have a break between its labours! Stay other few days there, in one of the old stylish spa hotels and enjoy the perfect atmosphere, a strange combination of Austrian monarchy and an overwhelming present. Very particular in Herculane is even the vegetation: typically subtropical. You can also discover it at your pace on the Domoglet mountain! The waters have been exploited here for 2000 years, and are mainly thermal and mineral.

If you think that the above mentioned places are not enough, I might have more, e.g. the renowned Felix and the smaller Bazna, off the beaten path! But believe me, there are a lot of things and to do during your Romania Spa Tour, no chance to get bored! Further, I can tailor the Tour according to your budget and wishes.