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Tips and tricks for travelling to Romania

Romania is neither a tropical, nor a dangerous country, but has some insider tips, which I am glad sharing with you.
The prices for a good meal in Romania are very different. You shall ever prefer the small restaurants and pensions, as having better prices and better food

First of all, don't worry about tropical diseases, you don't need any vaccine. AIDS is up to you, and your level of personal protection, other diseases totally unknown. Many visitors are unpleasant impressed about the level of corruption in Romania, and many comments concerning the big political crisis between president Traian Basescu and the Prime Minister Victor Ponta are pointing to corruption as a main reason. I would say no to it, there is rather a personal matter, or a power fight, in my opinion. Certain is that many Romanians are deeply disappointed about their rulers and the political class entirely. About the obvious corruption, I also don't agree, as little presents seem to me really o.k. After all, the corruption is not a Romanian invention or discovery, we are in the Balkans!
Policemen on duty. No policeman is entitled to ask you  your papers without a strong reason., and even less to controll your money or valuables (they are sure faked policemen if doing that)

Much worse than this little corruption are the faked policemen e.g. Please note that no policeman is entitled to legitimate you without a strong reason; even less is entitled to ask about money or other valuables. When entering Romania through Bucharest Airport avoid the taxis and the luggage porters, is simply too expensive and even dangerous to your life, as a recent incident proves it.
When entering Romania through Bucharest International Airport avoid the taxis and the luggage porters. They are unshamed expansive and even dangerous to your life

Many Romanians drink the wine with water in the same glass (sprit). You can make a try of this method, but you are not supposed to do the same, no one will be hurt if you drink the wine separately. As you know, being a somelier, this method decreases the qualities of wine. The locals use it just to drink more liquids during the hot days.
Meiul Zilei is an incredible local offer: 3 courses meal with 3 Euros only.

A matter who could hurt any local is on the contrary shaking hands. It is normal to do it when meeting someone, not only for the first time. The shake must be strong enough, lasting for 5 seconds at least, while you look deeply in the eyes of the counterpart. If you are a man meeting a lady in a sophisticated environment, it is bon ton to kiss her right hand, while you look in her eyes.

Eating in Romania is very cheap, if you are tight on your budget. Everywhere on your ways there are incredible offers as MENIUL ZILEI, meaning a three course menu at 15 RON (3 EUROS). You can also have your meals in a sophisticated restaurants, but the hi end prices you can find there don't reflect a much superior quality of the meals. On the contrary, the same meals are to be found in a pension at the country side much cheaper and tasting better ( nearly bio for sure)!
A good hotel in a big city vs a little pension to the countryside  is  a matter of time,  budget and taste

The same thing about accommodation. You can barely find a hotel room in Bucharest or other touristic cities (Sibiu, Brasov, Cluj Napoca) under 60 Euros, but you can find some excellent accommodation in a pension at the half of this price. So it is easy to make the choice, according to your budget.

Tips is also not entirely a Romanian invention, and if you are very happy with a certain service no one will be ofenced for receiving tips (no more than 10 %).

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