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Choosing the right wine

From time to time I really need to speak about wine. Nevertheless I am not wine or alcohol addicted, rather wine speaking addicted. I really love to share with you all these secrets I have learned for twenty years of work in the wine area (grapes harvesting, wine making, sales and marketing, tasting). Very soon will begin a new action in harvesting, I am very eager and impacient about it!
In some places of Romania the harvesting has begun already

After starting to present Romania and its beauties, on this rather wine dedicated blog, I would like to come back to my (and probably your also) first love, the wine. I really believe that wine is a divine gift, but let's go the point: how do we choose a wine? Very often, the best wine for a specific dinner is not the best Romanian wife.

First of all, sadly but true, think to the budget. If you organize a simple romantic dinner for you and your wife, you need a good wine. My suggestion: a red wine, maybe a Merlot, will do all the necessary preparations. And in Romania is possible to find it unbottled for 1,5 to 2 Euros!
The right wine for a romantic dinner in my opinion

Sometimes, to a bigger meals with friends, when not very sophisticated, you can spare to the wine, limiting to a table wine and forgetting the most expensive drops. E.g.: to be more concrete, I can suggest an easy white Francusa, at the price of 1,5 Euro for a bottle of 0,75 Liter (Ostrov wineries). For the consumption, count on the normal amount for a normal person, 300 ml (two wine glasses) and double it. Tip: usually the women don't drink in public, you can forget them (together with the drivers; thus you are saved) , but there are also exceptions! Usually in Romania we still use the unbottled wine, but you must have a reliable source and taste that wine every time you buy it. Buying bigger amounts means taking some risks: you must keep the wine in a proper way: not warmer than 20 degrees Celsius. Even most important is to keep the wine only in full receptacles! If the vessel is not full with wine, your precious drops turn within a few days into vinegar (only good to salads!).
Sometimes red, sometimes white, there is an art pairing the food and the wine. But also a science  you can learn

For the high end segment the expectations grow exponentially. You are going to need more sorts of wine, exclusively in bottle, and you must do the right pairing of wine and food. Don't forget the appetizers or the dessert wines, please, otherwise your dinner can turn to a disaster indeed!

And now, by the end, I am going to ask you a question (which is, hopefully, neither a delicate, nor an indecent one): what of kind of wine do you pair with lasagne ?(you must know this art of Italian pasta, mustn't you?). Maybe I will tell you more about lasagne and the pairing wines with!

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