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The characteristics of the Romanian wines

There are two ways to measure the qualities of a wine: physical and chemical laboratory analysis (a technical fairly unbiased  method) or testing through tasting (rather subjective, but much more beloved among specialists!). Through tasting we can appreciate smell, taste, bouquet, general aspect; while the lab analysis will result in measuring alcoholic concentration, acidity contents, sugar contents, presence or absence of foreign matters.
This is a pro, try to do the same

For the fine classification and appreciation of a specific wine, professional tasters and oenologists developped with the years a special subtle vocabulary, which can express the qualities or the failings of a certain wine. You must master this very special vocabulary, as you are not a beginner anymore!
These professionally tasters are  writing all there impressions, in order  to not influence each other!

In order to underline the general qualities of a wine one could say about that wine to be generous; robust; elegant; fruity; consistent; complete, accurate; original; vivid
-about the color of a wine: bright; intense; shining; living; clear
-about the finesse (or delicacy) : fine, pleasant, delicate; noble; velvety;  distinguished; sober; well balanced;firm; melodiously
-about the sugar content (to be completed by a lab analysis): dried; sweety; sweet; desert; liqourly
-about the bouquet and smell:perfumed; fruity; attractive, charming

For the defaults of a wine there are also a lot of sophisticated terms:
-generally:inconsistent; poor; unpleasant; bad balanced; heavy; dried; dull (or insipid)
-color:brown-ground; soft; weak

I must repeat, all these words are subject of individual judgement. In order to rely on them, when possible, they must be doubled by lab analysis.
A leading Romanian taster, Liviu Nedelea

The professional tastings are different in some points, comparing them to the normal tourist tastings. E.g. a professional tasting could be the occasion of proofing up to 20 different wine sortiments, which falls normally impossible to an untrained tourist! And this is the order of wines for professional tastings:
-white table wines, dried and half dried
-roze table wines, dried and half dried
-red table wine, dried and half dried
-white fine wines, dried and half dried
-roze fine wines, dried and half dried
-red fine wines, dried and half dried
-desert white wines, sweet and half sweet
-desert red wines, sweet and half sweet
-flavor wines (Muscats and Vermouths),dried, half dried and sweet
-pearl wines
-sparkling wines-bruts, dried, half dried and sweet

If you think worried to the liver of that taster, I must tell you a trick: they don't swallow a single drop, and spit the wine. Nevertheless, they become like tipsies due to the vapor and tongue absorption. I am also worry about your health and liver, and that's why I must say, it is not a career for you. Remain a normal man, and take part to the Romanian Wine Tour, it is the best for you.


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