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The Romanian Mountains

The Romanian Carpathians are young and strong, but nor very high comparing to the Alps. The highest Romanian Peak, accessible from the Transfagarasan Road, is Moldoveanu and proudly measures 2521 meters. Climbing it you can feel literally with the head in the clouds, as the Romanian say for pie-eyed people. The ascension is not very difficult, you don't need an oxygen mask, but need nevertheless to take some precautions.
The Peak Moldoveanu  is the highest in Romania and the most spectacular. Not very difficult to climb, but you need nevertheless some precautions. Most important: don't drink wine while climbing!

Maybe Moldoveanu is the most spectacular Romanian peak, but the Romanian mountains, whether lived or savage, are a must for the people who appreciate that and look for adventures. They are usually full with forests, despite the massive cuts from the last years, and you can find many labelled paths, for your delights. There are also many cabins, some of them neglected and very primitive, while others are unexpected luxurious and expensive, judging the environment. In the Fagaras mountains, near the Transfagarasan Road, you can find in winter even an ice hotel. Staying there is a matter of taste indeed.
If we shall speak about the Romanian Carpathians, I won't forget to mention the terrific Transalpina Road

You can also observe the charming Romanian Carpathians from the car, or the bus, during a trip on the fantastic Transalpina Road, Bicaz Gorges, Suceava-Bistrita, or Rucar-Bran. Amazing in some areas, you will be able to observe the Millenial unchanged way of life of the shepherds, who climb the mountains in Spring with their flocks looking for good grass, and return only in autumn. They are stone strong, don't suffer on stress or depressions.
Lepsa in Vrancea County

Some mountains areas have developed themselves through building many pensions for the touristic crowds, and I must name a few: Bocovina, Rucar-Bran, Tara motilor in the Apuseni Mountains, or Lepsa in Vrancea county.( wine tasting in Focsani, Panciu, Odobesti is a must)

A necessary mention for the Dobrogea Mountains, who will make you a sad philosopher. They measure only 700 Meters height nowadays and you can climb them very easy, but in their times of glory were higher than the Mount Blanc. Much older than the Carpathians, they are almost completely eroded now. Nearby, the vineyards from Niculitel.
Apuseni Mountains offers some unique landscapes

There are many things to do in the Romanian Carpathians, and you can get some magnificent landscapes with your camera. But during the climbing is not allowed to drink wine, don't forget. You can ask any further details at, I still have some discounts for September.

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