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Bucharest Architectural Tour

When the shepherd Bucur grounded Bucharest in 1459 he never dared to think what will become this blessing city today. Bucur means joy; the Romanians and other people living here enjoy every minute of their frenetic and tumultuos life. That's why Bucharest has an intensive night life indeed!
Calea Victoriei and the Continental Hotel  (Rococo Style)

Casa poporului, or Parliament house, has an uncertain style, but is the second wide building in the all world, right behind the Pentagon
Trying to compare Bucharest with other major capitals, like Rome, the first thing coming in my mind is the eclectic architecture of the city. A perfect mix, I would say: you can find Bauhaus, Art deco, Rococo, Byzantine style by the churches, contemporary style and even avantgarde. Did you know or imagined once that Bucharest, a rather small European capital, holds the second wide building worldwide? Yes, Sir, behind the Pentagon, Casa Poporului lies in Bucharest and is of the last foundation of Nicolae Ceausescu, the former Romanian dictator, condemned and killed on the Romanian Revolution from 1989. Very interesting for this unique building, it is still not ready due to budgeting problems. It holds the Romanian Parliament, but it could also host a UN or NATO office.
The CEC building is one of the must see in Bucharest

Bucharest saw so many revolutions, earthquake, devastating fires, mortal diseases and recovered after all of them. I would compare Bucharest to Phoenix Bird, indeed. Since its nomination as Romanian Capital in 1859 Bucharest continuously flourishes. 1918 and the today Big Romania brought another period of prosperity, shortly interrupted by the WWII. But aftermath the Communists tried again to make Bucharest a mirror for the entire country (actually Bucharest nowadays is much more than a mirror to Romania: with only 10 % of the population it realizes more 30 % of GBP and is a global European hub.
The National Opera from Bucharest

That's why I am proposing you this architectural Tour of Bucharest, which is also a historic one. The main fact is to become familiar with the Romanian Capital and its inhabitants.

The journey starts and ends at your specific hotel at 8h30 min and lasts four hours; if you would agree the lunch, we shall add it (other 90 minutes. But it really worth, than the Romanian kitchen is tasty, the accompanying folklore show wonderful; just not to mention the wine. Possible recommended restaurants: Carul cu Bere or Pescarus, please don't say no, I won't take it as an answer!

This scenic four hours drive through the city center and key neighborhoods of Bucharest provides a dramatic overview of some of the most beautiful and ancient architecture in Europe.
Visit the old as well as the new Bucharest, with a running commentary of the historic context, provided by experienced and licensed English speaking guides. We will pick you up at your hotel or residence, visiting all the major points of interest, from the Parliament Palace to the Arch of Triumph. Along the way, you will see some of the most modern buildings juxtaposed with historic buildings, ancient palaces and villas and explore our centuries- old world. With your guide, you will discover the dramatic, often tumultuous history of Bucharest and Romania, ranging from battles of the Middle Ages through the monarchy, and Communist rule into the present.
Brief stops will allow you to take photographs.
Each tour will return to your hotel.

You are going to see downtown with its many bars and clubs and frenetic night life; Casa Poporului, Bauhaus buildings in Bucharest downtown; the rococo Cretulescu Palace; Herastrau Park, Calea Victoriei (also named Podul Mogosoaiei, meaning the Bridge of Mogosoaia, as it was totally made of wood); the Art Museum in the former Royal palace. Total price 30 Euros, no entries, no lunch. The lunch in a leading restaurants comprises another 30Euros

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