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The genuine Romania and its unexpected sights

The last untouched European forests are in Romania, as this country had had for years a coherent policy in that field. Extending and generalizing, the last villages from Europe are also in Romania to be founded. You will notice in some remote settlement from Bucovina or Transilvania, with strong traditions, a strange feeling: the society seems to be entirely in order.
In Romania the meals taste and smell very different comparing with your usual meals

If you wanna know Romania in its deepest corner, don't avoid a stay in a remote pension, or even in the house of a local. Everything is different, comparing with what you usually, and even comparing to a hotel. All the meals taste and smell totally different comparing with what you eat at your place. The day starts with a strong breakfast based of fresh product from the neighboring farmers, maybe even a brandy or a glass of wine  for warming up!
In many places in Romania you may have the feeling that this society is still o.k. and still in order

Then you can walk or take the horse wagon, and you will got another dimension of life. Only thus you can discover a lot of details of the life to the countryside: the market, the bar, the land works, the animation around the fountains, cheese production (or other important local activity, like wine making), the acurate handicraft, the church, the football matches, the take off of the children to the school and their way back. You might be very upset about the proximity of the domestic animals, but you will accept the idea soon: the cows on the street  and the geese also free, the goats and the sheeps emitting unheared noises, and the bees visiting the flowers. You will be very pleased by the rural architecture, the nice peaceful houses, the sunny gardens, the monasteries. The smell of hay slightly excite your nose. You will find for sure during your walk in an unexpected tree a small, wizened, but very flavored tasty apple.
Wine tasting is a part of your Romanian trip, as this country is mainly a wine country

In the evening, a rich dinner, with wine of course. You will not succeed eating everything on the table, I can bet. As your vacation gets longer, you will find some differences from this idyllic image, as our grandparents described. The life at the countryside is not easy, even on the contrary, very tough. The old people living there alone see often the stranger only as a source of income, which is not so terribly wrong, as long the quality and the sincerity of hosting are still o.k.!
The local craftsmen keep the Romanian rural society stil in order

A total different way of life can you experiment visiting on the Romanian Black Sea coast. This coast is not very long, and were during the communist time a must do for every people in vacation. Forget the illusion to find lonely beaches. Mamaia and other resorts are overcrowded day and nights and lives passionately, you must do the same. Whether peaceful, or frenetic, don't let the best Romanian wine to stay out of your vacation!
Mamaia on the Romanian Black Sea coast means  a huge difference comparing  to the  peaceful  villages.

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