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Intermezzo in Rome

Maybe Rome, will you say, has nothing to do with Romania and the Romanian wines, but I also have my arguments, like I found Romanian wines in Rome and I found some Romanians in Rome, and some wine afficionados in Rome.
This store on via Gibboli, near termini Station in Rom, offers Romanian wines, as being tasty  and with a good corelation between price and quality

First of all, I must thank to the air company Blue Air, which lead us safely in Rome, but with empty pockets (they managed somehow to charge extra fees for the luggage, namely 50 Euros. Blue Air as a low cost company has a very bad policy against the passengers and their luggage. E.g. the overall width is by this company only 20 cm, while any other company accepts 25 cm. These 5 cm made the difference in my case). Consequently, I ought to stay in Rome on a budget, which is not impossible with so many trattorias, tavola calda making the delight of the tourists; a daily menu of 9 Euros is enough for three persons (my tip! And another hint: is possible to reach Termini Station from Fiumicino Airport with only 4 Euros, just have some patience and find the right shuttle!)
Blue Air office in Fiumicino: the young lady in the middle, being politely asked  about the  motives of the delay, answer with an incredible question:"Did you ever work in an airport?"

I met Rome by feet, which is in my opinion the best way for knowing and learning a city. Rome is not very big (2,5 millions inhabitants) and very atractive for walkers. From Termini where I have lived for a week I managed to reach all the major hot points in Rome by walking: Vatican (with the impressive and colossal Cathedral of San Pietro), Fontana di Trevi, Piazza di Spagna with the exquisite quarter around, Villa Borghese and the wonderful park, Piazza Venezia and Columna Traiana, Colosseum.
Rome by night is delightful for its many tourists from all over the world. Here on Via Nazionale.

My impression about Rome  is that the buildings of the city are, all of them, no younger than 50 years. This fact to the city a obsolete mystery air, making it so beloved among the travelers from all over the world. This city is charming, one of the most beautiful in the world, and if it will happen to modernize the city, they will lose the tourism market.

The immigration in Rome is huge, more than 10 %. Around Termini there are no more traditional pizzeria ruled by the Italians, but every possible kitchen on Earth is well represented. There are also a lot of jewells stores, ruled by very friendly Asiatics, which are not very flexible when it comes to discuss about prices! I managed to meet Alexandru, coming from Romania and working at Twin's Bar on via Giolitti, by Termini Station. Twin's Bar is a wine bar (a good one I dare to say) where a glass of Merlot 2005 from Chianti (Alexandru's favorite) is 5 Euros.
Alexandru in The Twin's Wine bar from Termini Station in Rome recommends Merlot

I met other wonderful people in Rome, the organizers of the Eurodidaweb courses on behalf of Sapienza University: Alberto Pignacelli, Stefano Lariccia, Giovana and the star photograph Franco. When he was much younger, Alberto and Giovana used to go to Enoteca Ferrara, on Via del Moro,1. I have a feeling, that they didn't unveal everything about the exact reasons of their visits there beside the rich Pinot Noir 1975. I shall discovery next time. Among the Romanian wines, which Alberto is very fond of, he enjoyed a remarcably Chardonnay from Murfatlar 2003. He is a real conaisseur.
The organizers of the Eurodidaweb Courses in Sapienza University from Rome:Giovana (wears glasses), Corina Giurca (one of the students), manager Alberto Pignacelli, and Prof. Stefano Lariccia, taking a photo.
Star photographer Franco doing his  job

Alles Gute, liebe Freunde.

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