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Romanian sorts of wine

As Romania has a long history in the wine branch with a lot of myths and popular beliefs, the Romanian wines have also some special properties, making them simply unique. That shall not mean that in the Romanian leading restaurants you won't wine the French Bordeaux or the Porto, or the Spanish Madera.

No, on the contrary. The Romanian oenologists, someliers and professional tasters are open minded, for sure. If you are addicted to that drops, o.k., they will strive to give you that special drops. But they will give you also the possibility to taste and even to drink some precious Romanian drops. And believe, you have a wide choice.
Cabernet Sauvignon

First of all, in many restaurants you can find the house wine. This is normally only a particular sort of wine, coming directly from the producer, unbottled and costing only 3 Euros per Liter (unbelievable cheap, I would say, if you agree! And I would please to take profit of it!). Paired with the right food, will be delightful. This way of life is very popular in Romania, similar with other wine countries.
Casselas is rather a table grape, you don't make  wine of it

Second, is something history related. After 2000 years of wine making, by the beginning of the XXth century an insect destroyed all the old Romanian vineyards, causing huge damages to the producers. All a few vineyards survived, with the toughest varieties of grapes, which I am going to mention under. The destroyed vineyards have been replaced by foreign sorts (see also under) which must be very familiar to you.
Merlot, please!

Shortly and briefly, let's mention all the sorts of wine you can find in the Romanian vineyards. And let's start with the old Romanian varieties:
Feteasca (young girl wine) is available as white, black and royal. The white one is a yellow-greenish wine, dried or half dried, depending of the harvesting time and the upcoming treatments, also fruity and velvety.The Royal one, also known as Transylvania yellow or Danasana is a little acid, wit a discreet flavor (the flavor of wood flowers)
Grasa de Cotnari- has a long tradition in Romania, and was mentioned even on the Medium Age of Stephen the Great. Excellent wine, rich flavor, pleasant bouquet.
Babeasca (old maiden wine) is a an old wine wine; dark red, strong and nervous. It is not actually recommended for the old maiden, but for their partners!
Francusa- white easy wine, with a long tradition
Tamaioasa Romaneasca- fruity, sweet, fine

The international wine sorts must be much more familiar to you, I am not going to insist on them:
-Aligote is a well balanced wine. Very fruity, very tasty.
-Muscat Ottonel a white desert wine, with a discreet flavor
-Muscadell-similar to the French Sauvignon, is an easy flavor wine
-Pinot gris, even better results in Romania than in France
-Pinot Noir

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