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Romania Survival Course (part II)

Dear friends, in order to really enjoy the Romanian wines, I must insist on these little things, who could spoil or ruin your pleasure. Even if you book through me, and I will be guiding you all the time in Romania, you should be aware of these details, which are not worse in Romania than in any other part of the world.

1. Romanian policemen are always wearing uniform. No one of them is entitled to check your money, after checking your identity. It is normally for them to introduce themselves and show a police pass. They are also not allowed to check your identity without a strong reason (this applies even for the traffic agents checking your driving licence)
A Romanian policeman wearing his uniform

2.When hiring a car, prefer the agencies from Bucharest and other major city. Negotiate the price per day (between 25 and 70 Euros) and check (even double-check) milesage, general state ( scratches, wheels, go to details). Never take a car without insurance! When having an accident with victims, you are not allowed to  leave Romania until police research.

3. Be very careful when paying by card. First of all, make sure that the system is running, even if the labels indicate it so. Prefer the bancomats of the leading banks, they seem to be safer. When paying by the card double check the amount; another way to be cheated is to charge you twice (become very suspicious if the operator says that system is not working properly, and he must try again).
Usually, you don't find or need cars like this. But you must respect some procedures and pay attention to details!

4.Don't interfere in the Romanian politics during discussions with unknown (e.g. in trains), even if you have opinions. The Romanian society is very splitted nowadays, and its members very fervent. The same applies by football matches, when the fans become easy very violent.
Romanian politics simply splits the society and make the Romanians mad

5.When meeting a person, strongly shake hand if he's a man, or kiss the hand, if a lady.When entering a church or monastery you must  wear decent clothes (common sense, like in Rome and its churches), don't smoke, and don't take photos (if forbidden)

6.The dogs might become in Romania a serious matter. They are by hundreds everywhere. When they are alone, can't do any harm (major exception are the the shepherd dogs in the mountains, who can ruin your day); on the contrary, when grouped in a pack they could become very aggressive and dangerous (sometimes a quarter can't sleep because of the barking dogs).
The dogs living on the streets can become aggressive  when are in a pack

7.In the remote areas are still to find poisonous snakes (vipers), while in Danube Delta you need protection against mosquitos. In some protected areas of the big Romanian forests is possible to find big mamals, like wolves and bears.
The Danube delta is a Romanian natural paradise, but what you can't see in the picture are the unbearable mosquitos

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