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Romania survival course

It is not easy to survive in Romania. That shall not mean to be scared for your life, not at all (Romania is still a  safe country for the visitors, excepting some areas). But don't forget that the most of Romanian don't earn more than 250 Euros, which can make them very eager and skilful in finding new methods of making some extra money.
Don't wanna be racist, but when you meet these Romanian gipsies  you must be very careful

1. First of all, avoid overcrowded places, or overcrowded means of transportation. They make the perfect heaven for the pickpocketers. If you are in a such a place which crowds after your coming, you must be very suspicious and careful. Protect carefully your jewels, cameras, pockets and bags. Call the police, if necessary.
Always ask permission when taking photos of these people

2.On the streets and in buses or trains avoid the ladies with wide flower dresses and their companions. Don't give money to the beggars if thus occurs the slightest possibility for anyone to see the location of your wallet.

3.Don't wear jewellery or cameras on sight. If you  feel that someone is pinching you, be sure that is another searching in your pockets or bag. Be very carefully under these situation, as often they have sharp blades cutting your bags, and you can be hurt.

4.Avoid visiting unfortunated neighborhoods, e.g. the Bucharest quarter of Ferentari. Such places are really dangerous at night.
The quarter Ferentari from Bucharest is very poor and very dangerous, specially at night

5.I know that you love wine, I do too. Mostly of Romanians also do, it is a wine country after all. But avoid suspicious persons coming to you and inviting themselves to drink something from your bottle (with the more refined variant of inviting you to drink! But most probably, this won't happen!

6.Don't exchange money on the streets, by unauthorized persons. You won't get the promised course, as you will receive only magazines cuts.

7.When taking money from a bancomat with your card, beware if doubtful persons are near you. Also notice any suspicious apparel near you, as this can be a camera registering your pin.
Beware of suspicious people or devices watching you while  taking money from your card  to a  bancomat.

8. The Romanians are glad to receive guests. But usually you must try to set a corect price for the both sides, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

9.Avoid using cabs, and specially unregistered cabs. Once in a taxi ask about the price, and ask the taxi driver to start the registering machine.

10.Try to learn some Romanian words. The people here are very sensitive to such courteousness. 

If I forget something, escuse me  please, there is no intention in it. If, by chance, you found another method or matter, which upset you, tell me it at once, as everyone should be aware of it!

I hope you will be not the victim of such easy tricks, especially now when you are good informed

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