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The most interesting cities of Romania

For the most urban of you, Romania has also something to offer, besides seaside, mountains and Danube Delta. And be sure to find in the Romanian restaurants the exquisite house wines, or special wine tastings. Many parks, museums and monuments will make your delight for sure.
Bucharest, the romanian Capital, is an eclectic city

The star among Romanian cities is Bucharest, without any doubt. Once named "Little Paris", Bucharest is neither the most beautiful, nor the agreeable city you can find, but for sure the most fascinating among the Romanian cities. Bucharest emits a lot of energy, you are going to feel it, and presents also a rather unique mix of Architecture styles. The treasures of the city, together with its wounds or its ugly places, make from Bucharest a half western, half oriental, and very Romanian Capital.
Sibiu is a charming typical Saxon city, with a remarcably well preserved Downtown. In 2006 Sibiu was the European Cultural Capital 

Transilvania counts a few big cities, charming through the mix of Architecture styles and culture. The magic charm of Sibiu (in German Hermannstadt) and Brasov (German Kronstadt) with their Medium Age and Saxon flair is easy to understand by anyone. They are similar in many aspects through history and culture, and conserved a lot of the Old City.
Cluj Napoca is a dynamic Romanian city

Cluj Napoca(German Klausenburg, Hungarian Koloszvar) is a very dynamic economic and cultural hub of Transilvania. Also very dynamic is Timisoara, the country's first free city during the Revolution of 1989. Timisoara represents really an economic wonder, and proudly rebuild all its German, Hungarian or Jewish houses.
Pradea was reinvented by genial architects by the beginning of the XXth century

Oradea has been transformed by genial architects by the beginning of XXth century, without losing something from its genuine baroque charm.

All these charming medium cities luck in Moldavia and Wallachia, with two or three exceptions. There also some differences in the quality of life, mentality among Transilvania and the Old Kingdom. Impossible not to notice.
Iasi has been for centuries the Moldavian capital. Amazing today, near the old buildings, museums, and churches, there is a Bohemian, student, liberty wind. Iasi (or Jassy) is a fascinating city, with a rich history (between the World Wars there were many Jewish living here).
Braila is maybe the most surprising Romanian city. Today it may seem ruined and sleepy, but only 100 years ago rich businessmen coming from all over Balkans and Armenia made it very thrifty, and you can notice it through the many churches and other public buildings.
Constanta is a big port to the Black Sea and a tourist hub.  Constanta proposes many bars, restaurants, as also a little historic city, which is maybe not very well preserved, but charming.

Besides all these wonderful cities, you have the little towns, which have been artificially developed during the communist regime to become industrial centers. Towns like Piatra Neamt, Calarasi, Bacau may seem very depressing on a winter afternoon, but you will find them also full of joy and life in a Spring morning. Notice everywhere in suburbs the obsolete factories which are not anymore in use.

Many of these cities have vineyards very close, and you can go for a wine tasting, if you don't feel the City breaks so interesting.

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