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Lebanese Tourists in Romania

Guiding Lebanese Tourists in Romania

When I first knew that is highly probably guiding a big group of Lebanese tourists coming to Romania, I felt it could be an interesting provocation. Despite the huge differences of language and culture, I did not say now, when the local organizer Euforia Travel from Bucharest proposed me to run this tour, with the clients from Vladimir Travel/Beyrouth.
My group of Lebanese tourists in Castle Peles, Sinaia

And it really was a wonderful experience, a pleasure and an honor to me. We drove 1600 km all over Romania, and I have struggled to introduce and present Romania in the most realistic way, without hiding the unpleasant details (Romania might be nice and fabulous as travel destination, but it is not perfect. No matter, even the sun has a lot of stains!).
The Lebanese Tour Leader, Zyad Khairallah (in the middle, by the monk) with  Mr Asuccar, ar left

I hope that the tourists, perfectly organized by the tour leader Zyad Khairallah (thank you, Zyad!) have been happy about the new discoveries. But I also started to discover a fantastic and fabulous culture. We sung and danced Romanian and Lebanese, and this  cultural mix and mutual acceptance is by far the most important asset of this tour. I loved from the first minute the Lebanese for their joy of life and deep beliefs, I loved their relaxed way to overcome some troubles and problems. I was a little disappointed that most of them never drink alcohol, even the Cabernet Sauvignon from Romania, but those who tasted, really enjoyed!
The group of Lebanese tourists in the huge impressive Romanian Parliament house, with special mention for the little guide Fouad

The cultural difference was not so big. We were very pleasant to discover some unbelievable identhical superstition (e.g. a women's bag lying on the floor brings poverty!). They were very familiar with the Byzantine ritual from the Romanian churches, excepting the language. They understood almost all the Romanian jokes, myths and legends and laughed, and I also understood theirs. It was a grace of God meeting these friendly temperamental people I was afraid to the beginning of our adventure.

To be more specific, this unique tour took place between 1st and 7th of May, 2013 with starting and living from Bucharest Airport. I will be back with details, but these facts of life are much more important to know. I hope to have in the future other occasions to cooperate with Lebanese Tourists, I won't hesitate any minute to accept! Mes meilleurs voeux pour les tourists de Liban.

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