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The Big Transilvania Wine Tour

My previous Romania Wine Tour, the big one, was not so big to contain also the vineyards from Transilvania  (namely Recas, Minis, Diosig, Lechinta, Tarnave). So I must make mea culpa and correct it with this wine tour of Transilvania.
Timisoara is a wonderful example of peaceful life  with minorities. Here is the Orthodox Mitropolitan Church, but the city hosts also Germans, Hungarians and Serbians.

Day 1. Let's start from Timisoara, an economic miracle, a wonderful city and a good example of peaceful life of Romanians with minorities (Hungarian, Serbian, German, Jewish). Timisoara needs at least one day long to be discovered, but you won't be disappointed!
Be sure to not neglect and forget the grapes, the wines the tastings

Day 2. Leaving Timisoara we visit the vineyards from Recas and Minis, where we should also taste the local wines (I underline the qualities of the red wines made here, e.g. Merlot). We reach shortly afterwards in the best shape and disposition Deva, having in its southern part some interesting curiosities: the spectacular castle  of the Corvin family from Hunedoara, the hills around Hateg, or the original church from Densus, build with stones from the neighboring Roman fortress.
Cluj Napoca is an uncoroned Transilvanian Capital

Day 3. Near Orastie, you can admire some artefacts of the antique kingdom of Burebista and Decebal. Following Sebes is model of German Saxon influence, with its Evangelic church and a fortified citadell. Alba Iulia is a former administrative capital of Transilvania, and therefore is full of history and symbols. Visit also Blaj with its wineries and taste the local wines (Feteasca Regala is my favorite). Prepare for the visits in two Saxon cities, Sibiu and Brasov, having so much in common.
Sibiu has a strong German Saxon influence  and visiting it , you feel  very European!

Day 4. Brasov-Cluj Napoca is our last day on this tour. Don't worry about wine tasting in Lechinta, I did not forget. Cluj Napoca is worth of your visit and attention, it is a very dynamic economic and cultural center. And also a nice one, honestly.  The dinasty of Corvin appreciated it very much, followed by the Habsburgs. Cluj Napoca is de facto the Transilvanian capital, with its more than 400 000 inhabitants. The Romanian and Hungarian local elites and Intelighentsia resides here. There are some open wounds on the both sides, radicals and also normal wise people. The former Romanian Dictator Nicolae Ceausescu tried to do a forced assimilation ( but the same thing did the Hungarians during the XIXth century!)

Stay better concentrate to Cluj Napoca and walk through its parks or along its boulevards. Visit a restaurant from the downtown and enjoy a glass of the Best Romanian Wines. Total price of the tour is 550 Euros, but booking until the 1st of November you get an extra discount of 10 %. Please mail me at dorugiu@gmx.net for any additional matter

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