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Danube Delta cruise and wine tasting on the ship

Really hard to speak to someone about Danube Delta, as you must see it, in order to understand it.
But, let's try, I need your attention and I hope to be not very abstract. Maybe you know already something about Danube, having its sources in Germany,Donaueschingen, where it is only a very little brook! Afterwards, it grows and grows, receiving many rivers and going through a few of Capitals like Vienna, Budapest and Belgrad. Bucharest and Sofia are also not far away from the longest European river, after Volga (Volga has also a Delta, but Danube Delta is bigger and better preserved).
Typical view from the Danube Delta, a virgin natural paradise

Danube Delta with its 5000 sqkm is a nature miracle and paradise. The river brings with mood and the soil in  Delta is permanently forming and disappearing. There are floating islands (plaur) and the exactly place where the river goes into the sea is unknown, it changes every moment.
Danube Delta means 6000 square kilometers, 90 % in Romania. Observe on the map the three arms Chilia, Sf Gheorghe, Sulina. Not far from here the vineyards from Murfatlar and Niculitel (not visible on the map). But they are there, don't be anxious seeing only water.

On the forementioned surface of 6000 sqkm live only 12000 people (4000 in Sulina, a port to the Black Sea) resulting an average density of 2 people on square kilometer, the lowest in all Europe. All these people living in some villages like Crisan, Maliuc, Mila 23  (none is bigger than 500 people) are mainly fishermen and gain very difficult access to the sanitary network. Most of them are Lipovans, former Russian refugees after the Lenin's Revolution, and there are many legends about their alcohol addiction.
This local fishermen is probably Lipovan, speaks  Russian and drinks  a lot of spirits

You can imagine, there is no other possibility to see Delta than by ship. I will propose you a full day cruise starting from Tulcea to Sulina, and back, with little incursions on the little channels, which is the most important and picturesque thing here (most probably, we must descend from the big ship and go further by little boats) . It will be a quite relaxing day ( if not stormy) turning in an unforgettable event. On the ship, during lunch, a surprise: wine tasting with the best Romanian wines (5 sortiments and a good meal). Man, we will have a good time. The wine selection is personal and I will only reveal on place!
No way not to love Delta. Some tourists even settled here for the rest of their lifes

But maybe I should be more specific: transfer from and to Bucharest Airport, 2 nights in a 3 *** hotel in Tulcea, Delta Cruise with wine tasting compose a strong package costing only 300 Euros; for booking in September you are going to receive a discount of 5 %.

Danube Delta has a rich history, as it was a strategic position for controlling navigation and commerce on the river. You will be amazed of the strange beauty of the town Sulina. I can tell you much more about the history, climates and ecosystems from Danube Delta, but this remains open fort the trip! For bookings mail at
A wind mill in Delta, another pearl you must see

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