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Best accommodation and meals in Romania

For visiting such a nice country like Romania you need an accommodation. If you are on a business trip, or your time is short, you have the normally first choice: big luxury hotel in a big city like Bucharest, Sibiu, Iasi etc. They have good standards and strive to maintain them. Amazing, the prices for accommodation and meals are comparable with the Western Europe prices, and it is really difficult to find a good accommodation  in the peak season under 60 Euros (nevertheless, please contact me for such a delicate thing, as I can give you all the necessary insider tips).
A luxury hotel is a good solution when visiting Romania  if you are in a hurry  and not on a budget

For the meals, never forget my secret tips: you can usually find the best offer in little restaurants or inns, under the name Meniul zilei: for 3 Euros you get a good three courses menu! This is one of the things keeping Romania attractive for the professional budget travelers!
Meniul Zilei for 3 Euros is probably the cheapest way to  eat  in Romania

Another tip for a traveler in Romania having more time and not staying necessary on a budget is the accommodation in little pensions scattered all over the country, but mainly in Bucovina, Bran, Sibiu. The human contacts you can find are really amazing, as the unforgettable meals you can get ( smelling and tasting fantastic, as are mainly green products). Thus you can meat a farmer, or a craftsman or even a country teacher who will be very happy hosting you and earning also something with this occasion! In the communist times these human contacts has been banned and punished by the Securitate, but today  this is one of the blossoming industries in Romania. Finding these places is not difficult: watch after "cazare" or "Zimmer frei" in the most important touristic attractions, airports, railways etc. Even here there is a huge difference between the established pensions and the locals with some free rooms concerning the conditions of lodging and prices (between 15-40 Euros). Take all the information needed when choosing a room: go and see it, ask for the agreement from the Ministry of Tourism ( preferable) and affiliation to associations and networks, avoiding the unpleasant surprises.
A pension offers board and lodging, and very pleasant human contacts

Camping places in Romania are for sure very cheap, but overcrowded on week ends and in the peak season (July-August). Not very many, you can find them in the hills or on the Black Sea coast. The Romanian go there in mass for longer stays. Don't have big expectations from the sanitation, they are underdimensioned and not properly maintained. You have also the chance to find the wooden houses, offering a minimum comfort and a limited intimacy. For the mountains freaks looking their ways in the Carpathians, there a few chalets offering shelter. Some of them are easy reachable, other not,offering a complete isolation; mostly are closed during winter.

In Bucovina, Neamt or near Horezu the monasteries offer shelter for the pilgrim. The offer is not very wide, the little number of beds is always not sufficient. You have quiet, peace, wonderful landscape, very low prices, but don't expect to a warm welcome. And never forget the night service, which can be noisy and unpleasant for the visitors.
A floating hotel is advisable in Danube Delta.

In the Danube Delta you can find the floating hotels, offering a good lodging for good prices, as also meals. And for those who are really on a tighten budget don't forget the youth hostels, where you can find sometimes big army dormitories of 10-20 beds

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