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The fortresses from the heart of Transilvania

Transilvania is an important consisting part of Romania, a little bigger than the third of the country.Very nice, very civilised and western oriented, a proud of all Romanians.
The Carnival in Sighisoara is probably the best place for starting the discovery of Medieval  Transilvania

It has a trembled history, and in Middle Age has been ruled by Hungarians, who brought German Saxons for help in organizing and defending the country. The German Saxons (Franken actually) build every settlement on the same blueprint: a central citadell consisting of a fortified church, where all the people should withdraw and fight against the invaders during long sieges.
Eating in Dracula house is nowadays a peaceful event, who doesn't scare anyone. But all the meals are garlic based, in order to keep the bad spirits away.

In the middle of the Romanian Transilvania there are 700 very well preserved medieval sites, forming an amazing UNESCO inheritage . With a group of Norwegian tourists lead by Kjell and F1 driver Oivind from PR Norge and on behalf of Karpaten Turism  we drove four days long to discover the forgotten Paradise from Middle Age.
The man in this photo is Serge Gunnar ( a sultan with Asian and African ancestor.  A fine friendly man, whose friendship I am honored to have became)

Sighisoara is doubtless the peak of all Medieval fortresses from Transilvania. Because the town only counts 20000 inhabitants, the life even today is organized around the citadell. There are many Medieval Festivals to the delight of  the tourists and locals. It is normally in Sighisoara walking on the streets in the complicated evening gowns from Middle Age. In the Dracula house there is today an excellent restaurant, making sensational dinners with lots of garlic, specially for avoiding the bad spirits. From the town very many hotels and restaurants we made the best possible choice: Binder Bubi *****, which was an excellent host and we regretted very much when we had to leave.
Norwegian tourists in the citadell of Sighisoara; you can see the  clock tower

But only with the consolation to stay three days long in Binder Bubi Medias ****! Still try to understand this difference of one star, and did not succeed, as this hotel has the same high quality standards from Sighisoara, and even a swimming-pool, which is not available in Sighisoara. Medias is twice so big than Sighisoara, but has not such a tourist circulation. Or, maybe, being so big, the touristic circulation is not so obvious! Every little streed from Medias was in reparation, the town very dusty and dirty, but worths a long stay! From Medias we visited also Sibiu, gone to a winetasting in Ganesti/Seuca. It is to mention in Binder Bubi, both Medias and Sighisoara, the house wine, which is very good and only costs 18 RON ( no matter if the Red Cabernet or the White Sauvignon! With your permission Serge Gunar, and of all ladies around you)

A good friend and a good driver was always Oivind; here working in the yard of Binder Bubi Sighisoara.

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