vineri, 28 septembrie 2012

Romania saw from Switzerland

I had the wonderful opportunity to guide a group of tourists from Swiss, unfortunately only during their last day of stay, coming from the company Twerenbold and on behalf on Karpaten Tourism.  It was a big pleasure and a deep honor assisting all these people in discovering Romania, and working together with the driver Paul Schmidt.
The Swiss group had the wonderful opportunity to discover Romania in Autumn, which is a natural painter

How is Romania saw from the Alps, from upthere? The Swiss tourists coming to Romania whose guide I was really enjoyed the stay. They saw a good part of Romania, and was very interested for the painted churches (all of them were practising catholics, and insisted for visiting 8 Monasteries from Bucovina. They loved it very much, they sung together with the nuns in a few monasteries, and admired the paintings. We concluded again, that between the Orthodox and the Catholic beliefs are not so big differences, well known as the Florentin points). Amazing and touching to discover once more, that all the things who unite us are much more important than the little things which separate us. The belief is almost the same, and the differences are only in details.
The painted church of Voronet is a masterpiece, and was very good appreciated by the religious tourists coming from Switzerland 

They visited also Sibiu/Hermannstadt and stayed long in its wonderful Medieval centre, with its Citadel and Liars' Bridge, putting their partners to the difficult test of sincerity! Unfortunately, no one was able to pass that test, and we had therefore very tensed moments. The best shape and disposition has been regained in Cluj-Napoca/Klausenburg, before the riding statue of Matei Corvin, a brave and controversial ruler of Transilvania (Romanians say he was a Romanian, but the Hungarians say on the contrary, he was Hungarian!). Amazing, but true, and very interesting in a city still hosting an important Hungarian minority (20 % of the total population of 400000 inhabitants). Cluj Napoca is very beloved by the Hungarians due to its Inteligentsia. Cluj Napoca is a wonderful example of Medieval flair combined with urban Easteuropean charm. Best place for a city break.
Cluj Napoca is surely one of the Romania's most beautiful and interesting cities
From Cluj to Oradea was a light shot for driver Paul Schmidt, as we were supposed to stay in Hotel Continental Forum****, the biggest and the best from Oradea! Good opportunity to systematize and evaluate the knowledge of the tourists about Romania, who still has many things to be discovered. Thus, the sad farewell turned into an opened invitation.
Hotel Continental Forum from Oradea, on the banks of Crisul River

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