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Romania seen by  a Norwegian group

A few enthusiastic tourists from Norway, during a more extensive Europe tour, reached also Romania as a main destination. The trip has been excellent organized by PR Norge, the permanent guide Kjell Hagberg and the bus driven by Oivind Brenhagen, and I was on behalf of Karpaten Tours.
Autumn, the painter of the nature, was an excellent time for visiting Romania

It was for me a big honor and a deep pleasure guiding this group in Romania, and helping them to discover this exotic unknown country for many of them. If they felt so good as I did, surely means that they must come back, as they repeatedly promised.
The F1 driver Oivind at work, while we the other were most on vacation!

I will never forget their excellent behavior, I wish I have only tourists like these.  The Romanian adventure started in Oradea, in a hotel chosen by Kjell (he knows so many thing about Romania, much more than I do) and took place in a wonderful Autumn, probably the best season for visiting Romania, due to the many colors all around (Autumn is the best painter, not only in Romania). Due to the cooperative staff from Restaurant Ramada Oradea we managed to improvise a frugal lunch in 15 minutes, which was a good performance. Good start indeed. The people were very impacient waiting for me due to the introduction of Kjell and Oivind, excellent team players.
The organizer guide Kjell , impressed by the carnival in Sighisoara

The tourists have been very happy discovering a clean, nice, smiling Romania during 6 days of an excellent structured program, made by Kjell himself. We taste together many of the good local wines, and they enjoyed mostly the Riesling! But also Muscat Ottonel and the red Cabernet Sauvignon had their fans.

I assisted them to discover a colorful Romania, with his popular dancers and singers, with Dracula, with the imperial guard in Alba Iulia. The visited area, middle of Transilvania, is one of the Europe's best preserved medieval sites, also nominated as UNESCO heritage, contains 700 citadels.  But there are still some other landscapes to be discovered, very soon I hope.
Visiting Dracula House, nowadays a restaurant, was much more relaxing than we thought first!

I wait some comments from Norway for this post.
A part of the Norwegian group to the wine tasting
And the other part, fortunately you can't hear them talking! Because after tasting 4 sortiments of wine they spoke a lot! 

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