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A Romanian Succes Story

I don't wanna show you Romania only through my eyes, you won't believe me. I agree, and that's why I wanna introduce you another person, who is maybe more entitled to speak about Romania and the Romanians.
Ladies and gentlemen, Pascal Brijnaert is a wine afficionado, as a man who doesn't drink wine has no chance to integer in the Romanian society, mainly in Vrancea county, one of the most famous vineyard in Romania. No kidding, he and the normal Romanians are not wine addicted, but enjoy very much a glass or two on special occasions.
Br Pascal Brijnaert is a Belgian living in Romania since 20 years.  He is a successful businessman with a natural born sense of humor and of friendship. Please observe the precious painting from his house

He first came in Romania in 1994, and grounded a company producing wooden toys, as also other wooden products, see more on Nowadays the company managed to establish on the market in its niche, surviving with 10 people only, in the conditions of a strong competition and  global crisis. He is not rich yet from this small company, but gives a good example of entrepreneurship, global marketing and management skills. The company is well equipped with state of the art machines and good team of excellent technicians.
The company Fininvest lead by Mr Brijnaert operates some state of the art machines

Much more important than that, Mr Pascal Brijnaert has excellent human contacts and speaks nowadays Romanian better than French, to the huge astonishment  of the locals, some of them even proposed him as a mayor in the town hosting his residence. He decorated his house ( which is, by the way, even in the company) with a fantastic French taste and a special care for every details. Following his born artistic inclinations, he makes donations for Romanian Painters or Musicians like Cosmin Movila or Felicia Filip. But beyond everything else, has a special sense of loyalty and friendship making him so beloved and popular even, or special, between his employees.
A team of skilled devoted people work for the company lead by Mr Pascal

About his favorite wines we've tasted during the pantagruelic feasts organized in his house, the list is long. Near a Special Edition Grand Cru Chateaux de la Loire (France), come proud some local wines: a wonderful rich Merlot from Carligele, or a special White Riesling from Mos Gurita/Jaristea.
The table will receive soon the necessary arrangement for another unforgettable party  designed by Pascal Bryjnaert for his friends.This room saw many things, but I don't tell you more, as I have the privilege to be  a friend of Mr Pascal Brijnaert 

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