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The Romanian Way of life

The most difficult thing for me, as a native Romanian living in Romania with many contacts abroad, is to speak about this country named Romania. I confess, I like this country, I love these people. If you ask me "why" I will strive to give you a reasonable decent answer. Other times, depending on my disposition, I don't love so much Romania anymore, but on the contrary.
A Romanian house to the countryside is traditionally very closed and very intimate; everyone strives to do all what he needs by himself

So, I can't rely on my my opinions. Shall I believe what the strangers I know would say, Romania is a piece of heaven. Again, some expats living in Romania have very good words about it. One important thing making Romanian so huge different comparing to other nations is the half of the population living to the countryside. They help each other, are very solidary and unit, but keep a strong intimacy inside their courtyard. And every house must be almost independent, doing all they need by themselves. Very healthy, they are totally against fast food. And this Romanian food smells and tastes otherwise comparing with everything you want!
A wedding is a perfect opportunity for three days feasting, even if not all brides are EBA, the daughter of the Romanian President Traian Basescu

 For the Romanians the food belongs rather to fabulous, than to normally physiologic needs. During the communist times there were often shortages to the basic aliments, and nevertheless appeared a lot of cooking books. It was maybe a form of resistance through culture, or a sort of black humor. The food is near humor, a major peak of Romanian survival technique. The food precedes and causes sex in a ritual way, also being able to transcend the all day in an unearthly mystical experience.
Right pairing the wine and the food is an art, but you know already a lot from it. Keep practising and search the best Romanian wines.

The big party meal once started, nothing and no one can stop it, this is the Romanian way of life! And when the right wine comes, it is really an event. The good feasts (e.g. weddings) used to last three days long with exquisite food, good wines and dancing, of course. Nowadays, this tradition goes on and Christmas and Eastern the hospitals are full of people having sick of the alimentary excess. I invite you to discover this way of life, it is worth your attention.

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