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Fantastic unsolved mysteries in the Romanian Carpathians

Whether you are a history and archaeology freak, or you simply like climbing mountains, in some areas of the  Romanian Carpathians you will meet some enigmatic buildings.

As we know about history, 2000 years ago the Romanian mountains were populated by Dacians, which have been conquered by the Romans. But what happened here before, which civilisations have settled in the area? Of course, unsolved ancient mysteries are not only in Romania to find, think about Stonehenge, Pyramids etc, to name just a few of other enigmatic areas, which are maybe even better knowned like the Romanian ones!
The former Capital of the mighty Dacian Empire is still hiding some mysteries

The fact, that many evidences and artifacts point to a revolutionary conclusions: before the dacians, in the Romanian mountains, were other civilization, which was advanced and able to do unbelievable works. Iconic historians called them Pelasges, while other scientists reject this theory!That's why I am going to present only the facts, which you can discover and see yourself.
Is the Sphynx from the romanian Carpathians hand made, or the result of natural erosion?

In the remote isolated area near Orastie (not far from Deva, Alba Iulia or Sibiu) you can discover one of the most iconic and enigmatic places in the Romanian mountains: the sanctuary from gradistea Muncelului. Here was the mighty Capital of the Dacian kingdoms, on 30 human cut terraces. Professional or hobby archaeologists discovered houses, workshops for metal and pottery, water basins, defending walls and ritual sanctuaries. In the middle were the tower houses of the Dacian kingdoms. The walls are more than two thousand years old and form an irregular quadrilater. The former Capital was stretching on 6 accres. Please observe that our ancestors did not build with stones from the neighborhood, as they was simply too soft. They brought stones from tens kilometers away. The food was also coming from remote area, and you can imagine the logistics and technical problems emerging. The Dacians used a special technique to build walls, called "murus dacicus", and the sanctuary found in the area show advanced knowledge of astronomy, technology and even medicine! The ancient Capital is not easy accessible, you have to walk two hours long from Costesti (where a cabin would welcome you).
Old maid chatting in the Bucegi mountains

Another enigmatic place is the Bucegi Mountains, on the Prahova Valley, easy to discover from Sinaia. There are some caves in the area where happen strange things, used to initiate the Yoga aspirants. And there also some interesting artifacts, the Sphynx and Babele. hard to say if they are hand made, or the simply normal result of the natural erosion. Watch them in nature, or in photos, and tell me your opinions!

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