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The Big Romania Wine Tasting Tour with 10 % discount in May

 I have worked out a big surprise for the wine afficionados: a bigger Romania Wine Tasting Tour. Comparing to my previous wine tour ( attention pls, April discount will soon be obsolete!) I added a few wineries, and I left the dinner to the option of the tourists! But I strove to keep further a good quality of services, wines and lodging.  So, it lasts longer, more wineries, costs cheaper. You have much for paying less! Special offers for honeymooners!

This program takes 8 days / 7 nights and is designed for both the tourists and the specialists in oenology, because of the link between Romanian medieval art and stepping into the universe of Romanian wines.

The tour covers the main vineyards in Romania and offers the opportunity to taste its most famous varieties, recognized worldwide: Muscat Ottonel, Feteasca Regala/Alba, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris/Noir, Riesling, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Grasa de Cotnari, Tamaioasa Romaneasca. The tour can be scheduled in any period of the year, by car/ minibus/ bus/ coach, covering the main tourist areas of Romania.
Day 1Departure from Bucharest .
Transfer Bucharest – Murfatlar (3 hrs). Wine tasting program and visit to the Murfatlar vineyard - these wineries, with total capacity of processing and storage over 350.000 hl wine/year, are famous thanks to the joining of the valuable grape varieties: Riesling, Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Feteasca Alba, Feteasca Neagra, Muscat Ottonel, Babeasca, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot with the modern equipment and technology, plus the professionalism of the specialists. Optional, lunch.
Transfer Murfatlar – Constanta city (1 hr).Lodging at Best Western Savoy Hotel **** in Mamaia - an international famous sea resort near Constanta
Day 2 Breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant in Mamaia . Transfer Mamaia resort – Niculitel vineyard, passing through Tulcea town. Wine tasting program and, optional, lunch at Niculitel vineyard - one of the pearls of the Romanian wines where the climate is a factor determining the successful vinegrowing and high quality of the noble wines in this region.You will taste sweets of wines.
Visit to Niculitel Basilique is the oldest building of this kind in Romania and its architecture is unique in Europe.  

Transfer Niculitel – Focsani city.
Lodging at Unirea  Hotel *** in Focsani

Day 3  Breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant in Focsani.
Wine tasting at Odobesti vineyard Odobesti vineyard 
It is the first vineyard in Romania - since the 17 th century. Its royal vinery hosts one of the biggest vinacoteques in Romania.Panciu vineyard this is the only place in Romania where the wine is processed after Champagne method. Wine tasting and, optional, lunch at Panciu vineyard .Transfer to Iasi city . Lodging at Traian Hotel **** in Iasi

Day 4  Breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant in Iasi .
City tour of Iasi, visiting The Palace of Culture it is an impressive construction built in Neogothic style between 1906-1925, on the ruins of the ancient palace of the Moldavian Rulers. It hosts in 365 rooms one library and 4 museums: of history, ethnography, art & polytechnics.
Three Hierarchs Monastery built as the French architect Lecomte de Nouy said this is 'one of the most interesting and curious religious edifices in Europe'. Built between 1637-1642, it is famous for its beautiful stone decoration and The Metropolitan Church .
Wine tasting and, optional, lunch at Cotnari vineyard it is famous for its high quality wine, confirmed by numerous medals. According to the legend, the first vine stocks of this vineyard were planted in the 15th century by the Moldavian Ruler Stephen the Great. One can taste in this region the following sorts of wine: Grasa de Cotnari, Catalina - Voievodal, Tamaioasa Romaneasca, Francusa, Feteasca Alba  Transfer to Piatra Neamt - a touristic town in the valley of Bistrita river, one of the most picturesque areas of Romanian Sub-Carpathian hills .Lodging at Ceahlau Hotel *** in Piatra Neamt .                                                                                 


Day 5  Breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant in Piatra Neamt .
Transfer to Poiana Brasov resort (235 km), crossing over the Eastern Carpathians through the spectacular Gorges of Bicaz .
On the way, optional, stop for the lunch at The Red Lake – a beautiful touristic resort nearby the only natural dam lake, moulded because of a mountain fall in the 19th century .
Lodging at Casa Viorel Hotel **** in Poiana Brasov resort
Day 6
Breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant in Poiana Brasov .
Wine tasting and, optional, lunch at Dealu Mare vineyard .
Arrival in Bucharest

Rate / pax (EUR)
2 - 3 pax
881 €
4 - 7 pax
638 €
8 - 15 pax
592 €
16 - 22 pax
519 €
> 23 pax
493 €
For booking mail at dorugiu@gmx.net and keep in mind that spring is the best season for visiting Romania. 

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