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Why should you choice Romania  your favorite travel destination

There are so many reasons to make Romania as your favorite travel destinations. I will reveal them all bellow with the necessary details and explanations.

First of all, because of the people. Don't try to understand them, they are rather sensitive and emphatic, and no one can understand them. But they are really lovely, well mannered and educated, and make their guests feel like kings. Even the poorest peasant will try to help you, will invite you in his home and to dinner. Is a matter of education, of their Christianity and of national pride. They are always there for you, if necessary, ready to help.
For the nature freaks, Romania is unbeatable in some parts of it

Second, if you start thinking of your favorite kind of vacation, you are going to find it in Romania. Sometimes you must dig longer and deeper for it, but you can find it, no doubt. Ask me and ask Karpaten, the best incoming agency for any details. Here you are the most frequent tours and vacations you might looking for. Even if you can't find your specific tour, don't lose your temper, we can also tailor it for sure:
Culture freaks won't be dissapointed at all in Romania. Here one of the painted churches of Bucovina/Northern Moldavia

-Romania Tours with the highlights in Transilvania, Moldavia, Wallachia of 7 to 14 days in many different variations, even for your specific taste

-Wine and food tours. Keep in mind that Romania is a wine country, as a former part of the Roman Empire, and we developed a wine culture, similar with France, Italy and Spain. As you are a wine afficionado, you must have heard about Murfatlar, Niculitel, Cotnari and other leading Romanian vineyards.
Wine and food tours in Romania have a long tradition

-For the beach lovers, there are a plenty of pristine beaches on the Romanian Black Sea coast, and the resort Mamaia has a tremendous night life. That resort is totally comparing with Ballerman or Rio.

-For the nature freaks there are many options. One is the fantastic Danube Delta, a UNESCO natural reserve, and another the Romanian Carpathians (e.g. Fagaras, Retezat, etc)

-For the endurance sportsmen, you can climb and walk the mountains, discovering some landscapes of an untouched breathtaking beauty. For the bikers, an excellent offer you can find at Launer Reisen, Germany for more difficulty degrees.
During a Bucharest Architectural Tour you have the unique opportunity to see the world's second biggest building, build by the former dictator Nicolae Ceausescu

-About city breaks, don't miss Bucharest, Sibiu, Iasi, Oradea, Timisoara, Brasov which are really seducing and worth a visit in any season. Even the little towns have in Romania a special fantastic charm.

-The culture freaks won't be disappointed at all in Romania. There are interesting museums in every major city, there are the fantastic painted churches of Northern Moldavia or the wood churches from Maramures. There are antic ruins in Constanta, Histria, Drobeta and so much more.

And the last argument: Romania is still cheap. You can eat in some places a good lunch with 3-4 Euros (ask about "Meniul zilei"). And most important of all, Romania is very safe, as the criminals moved out in richer countries, and the police is very active.

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