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The most interesting things to know about Bucharest parks

It is really interesting to be in Bucharest on any occasion, in every season. Wonderful charming city, nice people, and an unbelievable feeling of safety, much more pregnant than in any European Capital! (if you don't agree and had bad experiences in Bucharest, please tell me about them! But I really doubt, this city is really safe, if you only respect the basic rules!)

Supposing you have been partying all night in the Bucharest clubs (located mainly in Downtown. Lipscani street) and after a short well deserved rest you are in the right mood to starting again from scratch. But better wait, and postpone it a few hours, I know what you need. You need walking, an maybe taking some special soups in the right places. About the best places for walking and resting, the Bucharest parks are exactly what you need and I really recommend.
The legendary flower battle from Herastrau has been  painted by the Romanian master Stefan Luchian.

Bucharest has many parks, despite the building rush from the last decades. The big city's most renowned park are the favorite dating place, and there name are Libertatii, Cismigiu or Herastrau. In every of these wonderful parks you will find a leading restaurant, offering you the saving sour tripe soup, and I strongly suggest the restaurants Monte Carlo from Park Cismigiu, and Pescarus in Park Herastrau.

The Cismigiu Park, or garden, is in the very heart of Bucharest, an island of joy, happiness and peace in the middle of an overcrowded city. It is very old, and fantastic well kept. It is really chic at night taking a walk in the Cismigiu, you will meat some glamorous ladies. The word has a strong Turkish resonance, but the garden has been redesigned by the beginning of the XXth century by a prominent Vienna architect. Forget any trouble caused by nausea, you can even take a boat and float on the middle lake. During winter (cold will really help, keeping you awake) you can skate.

From Cismigiu Park to the Herastrau Park you have more than 2 km to run. If you can still keep moving, so good to you. If not, use public transportation or taxi. Start the visit in Herastrau from the Restaurant Pescarus, would be just the thing you need. But please, don't drink alcohol again, stay to the tripe soup with vinegar, chilli and sour cream. Wtf, not even a glass of wine? No, sorry, keep yourself sober and wait a little more. Walking in this huge park, Bucharest's biggest, is a wonderful event. Observe ,please the Miorita fountain and if you are lucky enough you can catch an amazing traditions, namely the flower battle. It has a long tradition, it was first time organized for goodwill at 1890. It was the most amazing possible event in the jet set,and a good opportunity for dating or flirting or conquering. It used to take place on the Kisselef street, on the western side of the park. There are plans to resuscitate this rarely event, that's why I tell you about your unique chance of getting a flower battle .

After this refreshing walk in the Bucharest parks you may start again partying and drinking during the fantastic Bucharest nights.

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