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The ugliest places in Romania

As I can't and I don't want to deny the evidences, I must accept the true : there some places in Romania which are not attractive, neither for the tourists, and not even for the locals. Maybe it is not the best publicity possible, but is the most sincerely. And before all I intend to inform you correctly, from inside, and not doing publicity at any price.

There is in fact another important mention to be made: it is a matter of taste. De gustibus non disputandum, would have say the Latins ("The taste is not a matter to be discussed"). E.g.: The most notorious issue about is the second large building worldwide, lieing in Bucharest. Ceausescu planned and build it in the peak of his power, and no one dared to say anything against, despite the huge destruction caused to the Downtown! After the fall and dissolution of Ceausescu's communist regime the building, known as Parliament's building, or People' house could have been completely demolished, as it reminds the old times. It turned to be the most controversial building in the all world, and I sincerely would like to know your opinion about it.
Allow me to introduce one of Europe's biggest  steel factories, in Galati

Another matter of fact: during the almost 50 years long ruling of the Communist Party has been followed a policy of forced industrialization, which brought waves of migrants in the growing cities, which have been lodged in uniform grey blocks of flats. Really living silos, these blocks constitute compact quarters in every Romanian city, no one escaped the phenomena! Bucharest and other major cities recommended as city breaks are completely different inside their Downtown or new towns. The communists quarters of blocks lack totally charm, personality and urban life.
Many of the Romanian cities lack on personality and urban life; Bacau is one of the worst  hit by this plague

Unfortunately, some industrial cities don't have at all a downtown. You can barely make the difference between those cities, and you must search a lot finding something specific belonging exclusively to one of it. You don't have necessary to avoid all these cities, sometimes is simply impossible because they are located on the main ways. And after this long introduction, let's see the places!
Focsani might not been very spectacular, lacking on a proper downtown,  but  hosts a wine festival, and epic wine tastings.

1. Copsa Mica, near Medias, is a little town having hosting for decades a chemical factory, which production process was not at all environmental friendly. The houses are all covered with a thin coating of black matter. You can imagine, the rate of lung cancer among the locals was very high. Today the factory is not working anymore, but the houses are still black!

2.Bacau is a typical industrial city, no downtown, suffering after the dissolution of the industrial production. Digging deeper, you can find a few museums. Be very careful, don't take it for Galati!

3.Galati has been hosting one of the Europe's biggest steel factory. The steel factory is still working, while some other have been closed, and you can't miss its huge proportions, no matter from what direction you are approaching. Ask about Domneasca/Royal  street, and find there the most interesting part of the city.

4.Focsani was 20 years ago an important industrial city, which turned nowadays to a small town, due to to the depopulation caused by the closing of the most industrial cities. There is practically no downtown, but the town is an important Capital of Romanian wines, and you can take part here to the wine festival in October, or to epic wine tastings.

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