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Romania saw by a group of Austrian tourists

The highlights of a Romanian Tour, as seen by a group of Austrian tourists

There are a few places in Romania that one must do when visiting this country (btw, there is a boom in visiting Romania, hurry up and book!). These must do would be:painted churches from the Northern Moldavia, Bucharest, Sibiu, Brasov, the Sachsen citadels of Transilvania/Siebenbuergen/Erdelyi and the city of Sighisoara.
The fantastic Austrian group, came in Romania through Springer/Karpaten. In the center Tour Leader Kurt Zechner  and his lovely wife Gerlinde.

But if a group from Springer comes, selected and trained by Group Manager  Mr. Kurt Zechner, be sure to find besides some special and secret surprises, his personal contribution. Mr. Zechner and his lovely wife Gerlinde love culture a lot, as the rest of the group (they have been traveling for 20 years together, unbelievable!). That's the reason for adding to the program The Miko Citadel from Miercurea Ciuc, and the Agapia Monastery (probably the biggest women's monastery worldwide), as an inside visit of the Parliament house, the second biggest building worldwide. The little details make the big differences.
Tour Leader Kurt Zechner (first) and the half of his exquisite group, in a farm restaurant from Sibiel 

It was my pleasure and honor to keep company to this excellent group as a travel guide, helping them to discover the known or unknown beauties of Romania. The cultural changes and the new contacts are the thing I am appreciating most in this job, and I must confess that I took the big share, knowing so many cultivated special people, and winning them as personal friends. Thank you very much, Kurt Zechner &Co!
Group of Austrian tourists lead by Tour Manager  Kurt Zechner(back to the camera, with white pullover) preparing to go in the Romanian traditional  horse carts

Special mention for the hotel selection, made by Karpaten! As the group was totally special, they got the best possible hotels, all ****: Ramada Parc Bucharest, Ramada Sibiu, Gerald's Radauti, Binder Bubi Sighisoara, Casa Bazna. It was a delight of our senses, as my  new Austrian friends also experienced the basics of the Romanian gastronomy (food and wine).
Austrian Tourists enjoying an excellent and cheap lunch at a  Medias restaurant ( special offer found by myself)

Another special thing was the dinner in a peasant's restaurant in Sibiel. We all enjoyed totally, and had a wonderful time. The food was entirely made  in the own farm, and tasted totally different comparing to restaurants and supermarkets. The host said from the beginning: "You are my personal guests, enjoy it, by eating everything you want and can. The more you eat, the happier I am".

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