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What makes Romania so different?

Why is Romania so special?

I must confess, I travel a lot, most of the time inside Romania. But sometimes also beyond the borders in Germany, Austria, Lebanon, Bulgaria, Moldavia etc. I must confess again, I always come very gladly in Romania, my homeland. Must have something special, at least for me, and I would like to explain you what is so special and different in Romania.
The Rural Romania is eternal and fascinating

I must, and try hard, to remain unbiased. Maybe one could say the cliche "Romania is a nice country". It is much more than nice, or beautiful, is simply fabulous, but other countries are also, and attract even more tourists (may be is better so for the time being, a mass tourism could ruin The Danube Delta, e.g). But Romania has more, a sort of sex-appeal, something special beyond the material!
The Danube Delta is one of the secret beauties of Romania

 We are surrounded by Slav people, and Hungary. They are really good neighbours, we love them, but despite a long common history we remained through a miracle a Latin nation. Our language is very easy to speak and understand by a French, Italian, Spaniard etc and I think we still have a Mediterranean and Oriental charm. We have special relations to Germany, and I work myself mainly with German speaking tourists, wanna say once more hello to them.
Happy German Tourists in a highway restaurant, in Romania 

Despite global crisis, despite corruption, despite communism, despite the Romanian politicians and despite the bad image due to the Roma/Sinti/Gipsies we are a happy optimist people, enjoying life in all its forms and moments. That's why we are so proud to be Romanians.
The simple joys of the daily life to the countryside, shared by  my German tourists

Visiting Romania, I think that you will observe and agree all these things, starting to love my country! By the way, it is nowadays one of the safest countries worldwide as travel destination. We are tolerant, love and respect our guests, and the Police also does his job all right.

The Romanians are mostly sanguine and exuberant, showing a deep sense of humor. If you only think to the fantastic energetic Sister Tatiana from the Moldovita monastery, in the North of the country!
Romanian folklore show in a leading restaurant

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