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A short history of the wine in Romania

        Raising grapes in vineyards is an old occupation of the mankind, broadly speaking. The old Chaldeans. Egyptians, Greeks and Romans raised grapes and were very aware about making wine, which represented an important asset for every country. Also, the Dacs, ancient inhabitants of the today Romania, had a special taste and tradition for wine. The vineyards represented for sure one of their  most important riches! They used to drink wine in ox horn, or even from human heads. During the Big King Burebista, he took the decision to destroy all the vineyards, being consulted by the big Priest Deceneu. The explanations are quite simple: on one hand, the vineyards made Dacia very atractive for migrants and Romans; on the other hand, the wine drunk with no measure made the Dacs lazzier!

        Nevertheless, when the Romans came to Dacia and conquered it, they found huge vineyards! The Romans brought in Dacia new grapes sortiments, as new methods of cut and wine manufacturing. Afterwards, in the coming centuries, the grapes and the wine represented a main occupations of the locals. Raising grapes never stopped in Romania up to now, neither during the Othoman occupation. The Romanian grapes and wine were very well known in all Europe, and local vineyards from Dragasani, Cotnari, Odobesti, Dealul Mare, Mufatlar, Cotesti very appreciated. I insert  here a contemporary  map of the Romanian vineyards, for your information; the location of the vineyards has not significantly changed since centuries, and you can observe them on the map.

         As you can see, there are many vineyards in Romania, a lot of wine to drink. There are white, red, black and roze wines; there are sweet desert wines, dry or medium dry wines, and there are also budget or premium wines. As you know already, I organize trips to one or more of these vineyards. These wine tours last from 3-4 days to two weeks, for a complet wine tour of Romania.

        About drinking wine, the opinions are divided. Some doctors don't allow any drop of wine! Nevertheless, it has been clinically proved, that the daily consumption of 1-2 glasses of wine makes the life longer (and much nicer, don't forget!). The ancient Greek doctor Hipocrates used to say, that "the wine is a wonderful balanced drink for any man, health or ill, but only if  administrated at the right time and according to individual constitution".

        Nowadays, Romania proudly counts 300 000 hectars of vineyards, being among the first 10 wine producers worldwide. Bellow a more detailed map, choose your favorite vineyard! Further is so simple, tell me about your taste preferences, and we can organize something for sure.
Romanian Vineyards which you can visit!

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