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How to produce a good wine and how to keep it right

You like wine, don't you? I love them too, that's why we are here as wine afficionados, as I like to repeat! At least in this point we all agree!
The grape, if you allow me

First of all, may be you are not sufficiently aware that wine, different from other alcoholic or non alcoholic drinks, is a living organism. If you are very aware while tasting or drinking wine, you can observe it. Watch it in the glass, it breathes. Smell it, taste it, enjoy it, it is really necessary to do so if you wanna get the best from your wine.

Did you ask probably more that once what makes a good wine ? The soil, the climate, the sortiment, the way of cutting the plantation. Everything counts, for sure, and here in Romania we have the best conditions for making some excellent wines. If you wish to set up your own vineyard, bear in mind some facts: you got the best grapes in the vineyards with an yearly average temperature of  more 10 degrees Celsius, with 1500 hours of sun exposure and rain fall of 400-600 liters per quadrat meters.

Further, the agricultural works play an important role. There are works on the ground, as also works on the vine; fighting diseases; harvesting at the right moment etc.

Still interested to set up a vineyard or to get one (for Romania I can get you some information) ? If yes, go to the point: you have the grapes, you must press them now (supposing, just supposing). You can still give up and buy o bottle of good Romanian wine, as you can find it in many places on Earth.(Berlin, Paris, Manchester to name just a few, ask me further if you want.).
This feeder helps crushing the membranes

Nevertheless, nothing compares with making and marketing your own wine, so let's go further! From 1 kg grapes you will get 0,7-0,8 litres of must. 60 % of it will flow almost naturally, and the rest on the press. There is a huge difference between the white and the red wine. For the white, you must separate the grape from its bunch and membranes; on the contrary, for the big Reds you need a good color and a strong flavor. You can get them by crushing first the grapes and allowing them a short fermentation of 2-3 days, without separation of the bunches or the membranes.

We will continue next time our adventure in the world of wine. The best, come in September to Romania and take part to    the new crop and you will understand more.

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