joi, 5 iulie 2012

How to taste the young wine

The new young wine, also named must, is quite special. Not yet wine, but very close to it. Very unstable, like a baby; as it grows and matures, many diseases can hurt it.

The young wine diet, paired with the grapes diet, is very healthy as the young wine is so rich on antioxydants.  Actually, is one of the best naturally known antioxydants, and I can warmly recommend it to you. But you need only to take some precautions: the combination between must and grapes is an efficient purgative, you need a trained stomach! Not everyone can respect it. Be aware of it, and and don't exceed your personal limit.

Start your diet with no more than a glass of young wine to every meal, associated with one half kilo grape daily. After one week, if no side effects appear, you may increase the over mentioned amount.The best time and place for this special diet is of course, a vineyard by harvesting grapes (in Romania it starts in the middle of August and lasts until the end of October. I can even give you a secret tip: take part to the harvesting (grapes picking). May be not like a local peasant who is payed for it ( it is hard work, believe me! I have done it for many years. You need to be very fit if you want to do it!), but at least I strongly recommend you to live in a vineyard one or two weeks.I can organize it, for sure.

It is really spoiling your senses. The leaves change their color, and make the sight very spectacular. The smell  and taste are  also spoiled because of the grapes, the young wine, or the older wines (don't forget, you are in a vineyard, and every farmer is very proud about the qualities of his products. And is very pleased sharing them with you, this is really hospitality I'd say).

After this trip you will be surely richer (not at all because the money you can earn,Sir!) but because that spectacular atmosphere and the benefits for your health. Simply an experience you may not lose or refuse.

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