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Traveling in Romania with children

It is not easy to travel with your child, or children , somewhere in the world, and Romania is not excepted. A child can spoil and harm your vacations, but he/she is after all the most important achievement in your life, and consequently you may not neglect him/her!

Romania is for sure one of children friendliest countries on Earth, and this fact has some simple explanations. One generation before, during the Ceausescu communist era, it was the dictator stimulating the birth rate. Abortion were forbidden, contraception tabu, Ceausescu should reign over more and more people. In the factories who used mainly women, from time to time have been organized controls for detecting from the beginning a pregnancy and preventing abortion. Unfortunately, due to the abortions made under improper conditions many women died. Anyway, it was a pride having more children, and the families with children have been intensively supported.
The Pension Confort is very close to Suceava, but very quiet and peaceful, and for sure children friendly

Any bigger or smaller hotel in Romania has a playing ground, where qualified personnel care about you children, if you wanna let them there. Observe also among the all staff a special love and care for children. Even if they have no children, which is uncommon here btw, they are able to find the right behavior for any much or less spoiled children. It is simply amazing, you will see!

I found the best places for traveling with children in Suceava district, and this happened with a little help of the hazard. I thought anyway searching children friendly hotels and pensions in Suceava, because this district has one of the highest birth rate in Romania. It is for sure a tradition here, and Ceausescu came to power in 1965 with a baby boom. It applies also for districts Iasi and Botosani, but I did not find there such  children friendly hotels and pensions yet, I am still searching and will keep you informed.
The pension Casa Vicu from Gura Humorului is in a wonderful neighborhood

The pensions I am going to recommend are not in downtown Suceava, they have own farm, garden and playing grounds. It will be a huge relief for you and your family! Another tip: there are a lot of cows in the area, and the milk products are natural and organic! Also interesting for the adults, not only for children!

Discover at 4 km away from Suceava, in Scheia, the pension Confort, which is rather small (40 places, 20 rooms), familiar and surely children friendly, with sauna, spa and even conference room. You have a bbq where you can even grill yourself, if free and available (pls remember the right pairing of food and wines!). The cooker is good, even excellent in the local meat rolls! From there you can make short trips in Suceava, Radauti and the amazing painted monasteries.

In Gura Humorului I discovered another children friendly pension, namely Casa Vicu. It is even smaller ( 8 rooms) and consequently more familiar, but lacks some amenities comparing to a good hotel or or even with the pension Confort; for your budget is even friendlier  for sure! The neighborhood is amazing peaceful, which made me so enthusiastic about it!

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