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How to choose the Best Romanian Cruises

The Romanian climate is usually lacking on rain during the hot summers, causing big problems to the local farmers (please don't worry for the vineyards, it is the best possible for the wine production, thanks.) Consequently, the water levels on the most important inside rivers diminishes dramatically. No chance for cruising, rafting etc.

You still have the option to build a loggers floating boat, as in the good old times of 100 years ago. But you must be born for that, having the deep taste of adventure. Historically speaking, it was once the main way for exporting the Romanian wood. You can do this unforgettable travel on the river Bistrita, living in Piatra Neamt, and sailing up to Galati. Olt, Mures  and Jiu are other big important rivers you can rely on, even during the hot summer.
The spectacular Orthodox Cathedral from Galati

A good opportunity for cruising in style is living from Tulcea in Danube Delta, a natural sanctuary and a must see in Romania. Karpaten Tourism is in my opinion the best agency able to organize for you something very special, with city breaks in Tulcea and Constanta, or wine tastings in Murfatlar or Niculitel. It will turn really in an event taking your breath away. Only inside the Delta there are so many maze channels, and some of them are only accessible by boat, and not by ship! You can go from Tulcea to Sulina, and then navigate even on the strange Black Sea, along the Romanian Black See coast, stopping in Constanta with its museums, or in Mangalia. Further is Bulgaria, with the renowned ports of Varna and Burgas.
The frenetic life of the Danube port of Tulcea turns around the water

But even if you are the marine sailing type, anything else is paling if you compare with the fantastic Delta. Don't miss it it so long, go back in Tulcea and (re)discover the Danube Delta with its spectacular birds nesting everywhere. eat fish, it is very healthy and very tasty if cooked by the locals. Besides, remember the old myth saying that the fish eater can cope better with the daily troubles, exactly like the fish does in his environment (some people name it crisis management) . Make a break in Tulcea, just to have an excellent short wine tour, with stopping in Murfatlar and Niculitel. Another excellent reason to enjoy your Romanian cruise and the life, broadly speaking.
Wine tasting is simply a must do during any Romanian trip

From Tulcea you still have a few days to explore the Romanian Danube. It is really impressive. Most of the ports are small towns, whose lives turn around the water, like Calarasi, Giurgiu, Oltenita, Calafat, Drobeta or Orsova. Since Constanta discovered its global vocation, controlling the most of the Romanian trade, these little ports lost their importance. Braila is bigger and much more spectacular, still proudly showing its ancient prosperity due to the cereals trade, and Galati is one of the biggest Romanian cities, ports and yards. Due to special deepening works, Galati is easy accessible for big sea tanks and mineral ships supplying the local steel factory, one of the biggest worldwide. Unfortunately, Galati has nothing to show to its visitors, is a typical industrial city with the same ugly blocks of flats.
The small town of Calarasi  is peaceful, but spectacular

There is a wonderful relaxing travel this Romanian cruise through a neverending plain, which is not lacking on charm. It is in a way similar to the Hungarian puszta, displaying the same excellent fertile soil, small forests. Figure the landscape a few centuries ago, you could see only unbeaten forests. Approaching Drobeta and the Iron Gates/Portile de Fier the landscape changes totally and dramatically. Wild mountains, excellent for your outdoor adventures: climbing, hunting, fishing. Observe the big lake from the dam, its building meant the remove of a few villages and of the iconic island Ada Kaleh, a pirates nest. From this point of vue, the spectacular town of Orsova is the most modern Romanian one, being the newest!
Here in Iron Gates Romania says hello to the Danube

From Iron Gates you can go further to Belgrade, Budapest, Vienna, or you can choose to turn back to Tulcea, whether by ship, or by bus/train ( simply on land, after all!). You have a wide offer to your disposal, and I am sure that you are going to make the right choice. I am going to help and support you, you need only to name your wishes!

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