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Most Romantic Destinations in Romania

Valentine's Day is gone, the local Dragobete (a local specific similar celebration) also, thank God. I started to hate all these artificial commercial celebration, as you can't celebrate love at a certain time, at a certain hour. Not at all, the people are complicated, and that's why love is so nice.

I think that the huge publicity made to Valentine's Day leads to a sensible increase of depressions among the singles. Too sad for them, this is not an article for singles, and totally not recommended to depressive singles, but I am preparing also one for them, wishing to help fighting their fears!

Well, supposing you are involved in a happy relationships, or you plan to start one, but must finally check your beloved one, I would totally recommend Romania. You can visit Romania in style, or on a budget, the money are not the most important issue at all!
Downtown Bucharest, with its many clubs, pubs and terraces, is totally in

If you are a very social couple, I can advice with a total heart to visit one big city, like Bucharest, Craiova or Timisoara. Bucharest in downtown is very in fashion these days, and you can find a lot of clubs or fancy restaurants in Area. Take also a park in the Cismigiu Garden, for warming up, book a room in Rembrandt Hotel and eat in style to the Restaurant Carul Cu Bere. At night visit for a while the clubs on Lipscani street (a good recommendation even for singles).

Craiova is very special. The locals are very proud, speak very much and loud, are expansive and extrovert. The clubs are very animated, and you may not ask the local about football, it is really taboo. Expect from the locals to give you all its belongings, even their shirt, when they are fond of you! You can see Craiova in style staying to the excellent hotel Casa cu Tei, in a wonderful noble house from the downtown with excellent service. If you are on a budget, you can still have a deep intimacy in hotel Parc.
The lovely Timisoara is a good target for lovers

Timisoara is completely different, and thus totally charming. They have manners, even on the street, are very polite, but reserved. They will judge and weight you a lot before speaking to you. There are Serbian, Hungarians, Germans in the area, and their influence is easy to observe. So easy to try in Timisoara a gastronomic tour! It is one of Romania's most beautiful cities, you are going to like it for sure. Discover your Timisoara in style staying to the prestige hotel Iosefin Residence from the downtown, or on a budget at the retired Hotel Doria.
The small town of Fagaras, and the Medieval fortress, the most important thing to see  there

If you are not the big city type, or if you are not in the mood for intensive socialization, you will prefer a smaller town. Romania has a lot of small towns, counting about 30 000 inhabitants, and having hidden legends you can discover. One of them totally off the beaten path, is Fagaras. Very close to Sibiu and Brasov, Fagaras lies very close to the spectacular Fagaras Mountains, Romanian highest ( also called the Romanian Alps). You can discover these magnificent mountains by car or bike from the Transfagarasan road, one of the world's most fantastic ones, or you may try to climb on that mountains. Climbing the Fagaras mountains is not impossible, but requires to be in a good shape. It is really cheap, yet beneficial to your health if you return in good conditions. Search in the Fagaras Mountains the Cabins Balea Lac and Balea Cascada, whose dormitories will seems to be very luxury!

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