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How To Discover The Amazing Hercules Bath In Romania

Baile Herculane/Herculesbad/Hercules Bath is really special among the Romanian spa resorts. Its huge prestige is due not only the long history of its wonderful healing powers(more than 2000 years), but also to its amazing hot mineral waters. These fabulous waters have been used by the legendary Hercules himself, representing according the locals one of the reason of his unearthly strength.

These waters have have many healing properties, and one can use them for inside or outside cure. Besides, qualified personnel offer some useful helping treatments, e.g. geriatric, acupunctural, apitherapic. You can have your daily water treatments very private in small bathrooms, or in bigger luxury pools (Ruschita marble. Your choice, your taste!). And if you come for a cure, you may not miss the fabulous environment. The town and resorts are surrounded by picturesque mountains and forests. You can walk there for days and weeks!
The fantastic Railway Station from Herculane is one of the most beautiful in Romania, and reminds to a Turkish bath

The position and climate of Baile Herculane is totally unique. Strong Mediterranean influences are to feel in the lack of very cold days, even during the worst Romanian winters. And about the vegetation, take a walk in the amazing Domogled National Park, with its unique endemic species, right near the resort.
The legendary Hercules must have been a local of Herculane

Reaching Herculane by train, you see first the railway station, of course. It is very old and stylish, one of the most beautiful railway stations in Romania. Its amazing Architecture reminds a Turkish bath! First, we walk and discover through Pecinisca, a quarter of the town Hercules Bath. Modern, with sad blocks of flats, and totally unspectacular. Cross the bridge on the Cerna River, build in the 70's on the place of an older, much nicer one, from 1896. On the right bank the rich forest simply falls on the town, while the left bank you can see the Domogled heights, inviting to a demanding walk. Not far is the breathtaking Central Park with a perfect mix of species. Very peaceful environment, with old couples walking, while the young kissing ones must be searched at night whether here, or in the hot pools. Daily, during the summer season, be sure to find the orchestra singing in the middle of the park. Discover here around the hotels Diana, Afrodita, and the old Bath Venera, build in 1752. On the other side of Cerna River, discover the wonderful Villa Livia, deeply Romanian in its Architecture. Very close, the Central Swimming Pool (1871) and the Hotel Traian, build in an interesting Vienna baroque style. A proud representing building is the former Casino, nowadays the Town museum. Don't miss the statue of Hercules in Hercules Bath, please, it is the symbol of all town and the locals are very proud about. They know a lot of myths and legends and pretend Hercules is simply one of them.
Baile Herculane is very stylish and peaceful

About the trekking and hiking trails I will let you know very soon, meet first this fabulous resort and spa retreat. You can do it in style in one of the resort's leading hotels, or on a budget. You are only pleased to enjoy life and the special environment of Baile Berculane.

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