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The Best Romanian beaches

The 45 degrees Northern latitude crosses exactly through Romania. There is no big sheet, you might answer! O.k., but one little detail makes this thing so important, otherwise I wouldn't dare to bother you! It marks precisely the half of the distance between North Pole and Equator, influencing the main characteristics of the Romanian climate.

The Romanian climate is mild, with four seasons. The best in the world, I would say normally, but I only want to inform you correctly, and not to boast Romania. We celebrate already the Spring, it is really amazing the total revival of nature. Will be very spectacular for you taking part in Romania to anyone of the Spring Festivals and observing everything what is going on.
In Sulina you can swimm whether in the sea, or in the Danube

If you can't visit Romania within the next two months, and are supposed to come in the Middle of the hot summer, your first option shall be the coast. The Romanian Black Sea coast is 245 km long and offers pristine beaches. One of them, probably the first one, is Vama Veche, which locals together with their clients strive to keep in the actual state, despite big development plans. Vama Veche is only for the initiated persons understanding its spell. You can camp in Vama Veche, sleep on the beach, and make everything you need on the beach. A really vagabondish Bohemiam way of life. It is a target for for budget travelers or for those looking for Romania off the beaten path.
The beach in Costinesti is overcrowded with nonconformist teenagers.  But during nights it can offer a little intimacy.

On the other extremity of the Romanian coast you can find Sulina, where you can bath according your wishes whether in the sea, or in the Danube. It gives you a strange fantastic feeling assisting this fusion, which gives birth to the Europe's youngest soil. Sulina is not very easy accessible, only by water, whether from Tulcea, or from Constanta. Please observe in Sulina the advancing speed of the soil: 150 years ago the harbor was even on the shore, nowadays you can walk a few hundred meters.
An old bath in Herculane, be sure to find much newer, you can ever stay there in style

The Romanian youngsters together with their foreign fellows go usually in Costinesti. The beach is rocky, but no one cares about it. There is no chance to sleep in Costinesti by night, the many clubs and their partying clients are noisy indeed. You are going to need another vacation after staying a few days in Costinesti, but it is worth a visit at any risk.

The sea shore is not the only place in Romania where you can bath or lieing in the sun (not recommended during hot months between 10-16 hours). On the Danube, and along the other important inside rivers you can find many interesting places. Or you might try to see and enjoy a spa retreat, based on the Transilvania thermal waters, the best places are Felix and Herculane!

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