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Most impressive hot spots in Sibiu

Only other very few Romanian cities can compete Sibiu as interesting targets for travelers. Sibiu is totally special. It was shortly a sort of Transilvanian Capital, preferred to bigger cities as Cluj Napoca, Timisoara or  Brasov.

Sibiu has been for centuries an example of peaceful living together of Romanians, Germans and Hungarians and even today is the first city when coming to the Romanian Germans, their intensive history or their newer investments in Romania. One of the legends about the first people living here mentions around year 1000 a German shepherd called Hermann, coming here from Nuremberg! The history is totally different, but the German name of Sibiu is Hermannstadt (or Nagyszebenyi in Hungarian).
Bruckental Museum in Sibiu, one of the hottest spot , really a World Attraction  deserving your time and money

Sibiu in its downtown is full of old historic houses having played a major role during the intensive life of this millenary city. For history or architecture  freaks is really thrilling discovering Sibiu. Make it walking in style, with a noon break at Imparatul Romanilor, the city's most exclusive restaurant (don't even think asking about horse meat, becoming shortly one of the favorite Romanian meals).

 The fortress of Sibiu is one of the most important city's landmarks, and you may not miss it. Build in the XIIth century and then modified and enlarged until the XVIth century was the strongest in the all Transilvania/Siebenbuerger and is still able to show very proudly  in some places its former glamour. At the peak of its development counted 39 towers, 2 platforms and 4 bastions. Access was granted exclusively through four well guarded gates (Cisnadie, Tower, Elisabeth, Ocna). Unfortunately, during the quickly development of Sibiu in the XIXth century most parts of the fortress have been demolished. Discover first the Stairs Tower, at Grivita Square, one of the city's oldest buildings (1292) and observe its Roman style. Bellow the tower, there is a tunnel connecting with the Fortress Hospital (nowadays an asylum for elder and seniors). It is actually the first Romanian  hospital using pharmaceutical recipes.

Another hot spot is the Old Mayoralty, one of the nicest and most interesting Gothic monuments of Transilvania. Build at 1470 hosted 400 years long the Mayor of the fortress.

Very typical for the Orthodoxe Church Architecture is the Old Church from street 1 Mai, similar to the church St Sophia from Istanbul.

But most probably the hottest spot in Sibiu, even if you are not necessary an art freak is the Bruckenthal Museum. His founder, namely Samuel Bruckenthal, was governor of Transilvania and private adviser of the Austrian Queen Maria Terezia (still having a statue in Sibiu). Observe first to the entrance the portal with the coat of arms of Bruckenthal Family. The Art Museum was opened in 1810 (three years before The Paris Louvres) and is the oldest in Romania. You need a few hours to watch all the masterpieces hosted by the museum, but you are going to feel much richer afterwards. It definitely deserves your time and efforts, due to the fantastic building and excellent paintings from different European schools!
On the Liar's Bridge from Sibiu you can check and double check  the strength  and reliability of your beloved partner!  Please don't cause any harm to the bridge!

If you need a break after this intensive cultural tour, take it on your own. You can make it on a budget in one of the city's many terraces and small, yet chic small restaurants ( special personal mention and recommendation for Crama Sibiul Vechi). But you can take also in style in the Hotel Restaurant "Imparatul Romanilor", the city's best, who hosted during the XIXth century some prominent personalities, like the King of Sweden, Franz Liszt, Johann Strauss etc. Enjoy the wine, enjoy the life, enjoy Sibiu with all your body and soul, as a World Attraction!
Sibiu Downtown looks very Medieval

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