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How to discover the best of Romania

There a few basic things to know about Romania, before starting to discover this promise land. Don't dare to tell the old story of your Romanian ancestors, if you have no evidences about, or you don't even know a few Romanian words.

Remember also the simple thing of the strong compact religion in this country: 90 % of the population is Christian Orthodox, but you shall not fear anything about. The Romanian are very tolerant toward any other religions and will respect for real your different beliefs.

There are a few fantastic places in Romania, which I can really recommend you warmly. Nevertheless, you must be aware that sometimes during the high season all these leading destinations might be overcrowded consequently to the mass tourism. I appreciate the following places to be the hottest in Romania:

1. Danube Delta is a fabulous protected area, where 300 of species are nesting in the hot season. Danube Delta is huge, 5000 sqkm and you need days or weeks to discover it in detail. Start conquering your Delta from Tulcea, and remember to do it by boat, otherwise is impossible anyway. Eat fish, there is a plenty of it, and taste the fish soup boiled with Danube water. Don't forget your favorite white half dry wine to pair with the fish. Be sure to have a good camera.
Bucharest is a charming mix between old and modern

2.Discover the spectacular Bucharest ,the Romanian Capital,  with its eclectic mix of Architecture styles. A visit in the downtown is a time travel, recommended for any Architecture student. You can have your Bucharest in style, or on a budget, it is an attractive city with more than 2 000 000 inhabitants, knowing to receive his honored guests. You can stay a day in Bucharest, or you can fall and stay a life, it happens. Don't miss the charming fountains and the parks. Also to mention in Downtown: there is frenetic night life!
The church of Sucevita is a must see among the Bucovina painted  churches

3. The painted monasteries from Bucovina are breathtaking, due to their intrinsic artistic value and their surrounding environment. If you are there on Easter, is perfectly for you. The locals will warmly salute and adopt you. My tip: discover the monasteries and the breathtaking landscapes by bike, within a few days, starting from Suceava, Radauti or other pension in the area. There is a fantastic peace and a strange yet strong force you can experience by yourself.
Cluj Napoca is a typical example of charming urban life

4. The urban life in Romania can be discovered through a few selected city breaks, e.g. Iasi, Constanta, Cluj Napoca, Craiova,Timisoara, Sibiu, Brasov. Some of the have airports, but you can also land in the capital Bucharest, making then a travel by car or train. My tip: despite the time pressure put on you, I find a good idea to visit at least two different cities from the mentioned list, in order to observe and compare the different influences exerted on them!
I even have an exciting proposal for Romania: a big wine tour, who will turn to be an unique event

5.Have a look to the Romanian vineyards, whether only one, or more of them during a big Romania Wine Tour, which is really an unique event. Also possible for ladies, who can taste champagne, it is really fair and democratic. Don't be afraid for the good condition of your liver, wine tasting has some hidden secrets I know, and the golden rule is to taste the wine, without swallowing it. You must spit it, no matter how sorry you might be! If you understand and agree this basic rule, you can book immediately

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