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The amazing history of the Hungarians in Romania and the fantastic Szekelyifold

Nowadays the Hungarian minority is the most significant in Romania, almost 7 % of the population, or 1500000 people are esteemed Hungarian. It is the most beloved yet controversial minority, and the most reliable.

The Hungarians (Magyar or Szekelyi) are hard worker and loyal. They don't speak so much like the expansive Latin Romanians, lacking sometimes the sense of humor. But if you win their trust, they keep the word and can jump in fire for you. We, Romanians and Hungarians, have a long history behind, 1000 years. During  all these times we hat arguments and fights, good things and bad things. Sometimes all these old hard feelings flare up. The fact is that there are still to find silly extremists on the both sides, mainly politicians using this sensible matter to rise their popularity.
Miercurea Ciuc/Csikszereda is very nice and clean, and has fantastic restaurants

In my opinion, this long common history should keep us together, not separate us. I want personally thank to the loyal Magyar citizen of Romania. Many Romanian sport champions had Hungarian origins, e.g. the renowned trainers of the big champion Nadia Comaneci were Martha and Bela Karolyi, nowadays living in the USA. Koeszonem szepek.

In the very heart of Romania there is a compact Hungarian population, the Szekelyi. In this amazing area you can hear rather Hungarian speaking than Romanian. They are very proud and not anyone can win their trust. The villages are very old and fantastic good kept. Many Hungarians from Hungary travel here to rediscover some forgotten traditions. The most amazing thing about these Szekelyi is their fantastic spectacular cuisine. They are actually the best chefs in all leading Romanian restaurants. They cook the best goulash worldwide, but you must be aware: smells and tastes fantastic, and is impossible hot. Eat it together with the hot palinka (double distiled plum or pear brandy) as appetiser and a good strong Romanian wine (do it for me, please, and for the historic reconciliation).
Sfantu Gheorghe/Szepziszentgyorgy is another interesting town  to vizit in Szekely land

The Szekelyifold/Tinutul secuiesc is a spectacular mountain area, with many fantastic landscapes and interesting small towns, near the mentioned villages. The Szekelyi socialize excellent in their villages by brandy making, when they stay together for hours, as the village has only one boiling installation used alternatively by any of them. The same happens to the big bread ovens. It is a wonderful event visiting a good traditional Szekelyi restaurant from the Szekelyifold. Keep in mind the towns of Miercurea Ciuc, Sfantu Gheorghe and Odorheiu Secuiesc.

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