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Baile Herculane, the Romanian spa by excellence

If you are in that corner of Romania close with the today Serbia, just having visited Iron Gates (Portile de Fier) with their breathtaking landscapes, would be such a pity to miss a visit in Baile Herculane ( The Hercules Baths, German Hercules bad, Hungarian Herkulesfurdo).
According to the legend, Hercules himself took a bath and a rest in Baile Herculane. This statue is 150 years old  and is a mark of the resort

In the caves from the vicinity have been found traces of living people which dates back to Mesolithic and Neolithic. The legendary Hercules came here, took a bath and had an excellent rest. During the Roman occupation of 170 years important people and elites came here, setting a sort of aristocratic spa.
Hotel Cerna from Baile Herculane has a history behind, and is very proud of it.

At 1700-1900 the spa was one of the best known in central Europe, with excellent hotels and restaurants and exquisite clients. Visiting that part of the resort with the deserted hotels makes feel a little sad, if you thing to the growth and decay of everything. But there are also good news, for those who can receive them: the reopening of the rebuild Hotel Ferdinand since a few years gave to the resort a new impulse.
One of the old pools of Herculane, filled with warm thermal water, the main attraction point for youngsters, mainly when after sunset

During the communist times, the rulers tried to democratize the resort and brought mass tourism, building big hotels. This part of the resort is much more animated, and enjoys two very different categories of clients: very young and very old! The old ones try to rejuvenate through Aslan treatments, while the young ones love the thermal pools where  they stay very long,until midnight, without being sick!

It is a good idea coming To Baile Herculane by train, as the railway station  is very old, nice and spectacular. If you don't come by train, it is nevertheless a must seeing it, not only for Architecture or History freaks. Further, in Baile Herculane, you can make wonderful Danube cruises, climbing mountains in the neighborhood . Beware here the venomous snakes, but don't miss the Cerna Valley, which a gorge with abrupt walls of strong rocks. The hot air coming from the south west stays long in the valley, resulting in one of the hottest area in Romania! Add also the many rains, resulting in an a fast tropical vegetations, vey unusual for Romania.
The railway from Baile Herculane is the most beautiful in the all Romania. Very old, nice, and spectacular, is a must see for any visitor.

From Baile Herculane you can go to Drobata-Turnu Severin, Timisoara, Orsova. But first of all stay here at least a few days, you will feel much better!

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