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Most important things to do in Brasov

Very easy accessible from Bucharest (only 170 km away), Brasov lies literally in the very center of Romania. After visiting Brasov you are going to have a tonic feeling that the World, Romania and specially Brasov are wonderful, a good place to live.
The Black Church of Brasov is not black at all, but passed many fires. It is one of the Europe,s biggest gothic cathedrals. Be sure not to pass the organ concerts on Tuesday and the fab carpet collection

Brasov (German Kronstadt, Hungarian Brasso) has a Turkish ethimology after all, as the Turks have been also active and interested in the area. Brasov is maybe the most touristic city in Romania, with the best restaurants and a much relaxed atmosphere compared to Bucharest, the Romanian Capital. The city has many cafes and hotels, but usually all of them are booked up; during the Music Festival Golden Deer you need for sure a prior reservation.
Downtown at night. Very impressive, very Medieval and very nice. A living lesson of architecture

Historically speaking, the first attested written docunent date back from the XIIIth century, mentioning the privileges granted to German Saxon in Brasov by the Hungarian King Geza IInd. The German traders and craftsmen from Brasov gained a good reputation in the neighboring Romanian countries of Wallachia and Moldavia, where they received also some privileges. The Black Church in the centre of Brasov is still today the center of the German community, still counting 2000 people. The downtown is very well preserved and offers a brillant example of German architecture, and you can feel transported elsewhere in Austria and Germany. Looks even today overwhelming for the Romanians (during Middle Age the Romanians had no right to settle in the German city, and were supposed to live in the Schei neighborhood, entering the city through Scheigate. Compare the architecture from Schei with the Downtown!). Don't miss in the Black Church the organ concerts on Tuesday and the impressive collection of hand woven carpets, donated by the German traders.
One of the two citygates still lasting today.(Catherine gate)

Very close to nature, Brasov has very near (12 km away) the winter sports resort of Poiana Brasov ( actually counting as a city neighbourhood!). In Poana Brasov's many slopes you can ski at any knowledge level, you can skate and practise other winter sports. It is really a bid for an edition of Winter Olympic games.
Poiana Brasov is a reputated winter sport resort

After a longer or shorter walk in Brasov you are normally subject to napeache, due to the many things needing your attention. If you are not hit by napeache, it surely means that you haven't been enough regardful to city beauties! A wonderful panorama of the city you can get from Tampa, the peak overseeing Brasov. Up to 1450 there was a fortress there, but Vlad Tepes Dracula destroyed it. Nowadays you can find a good restaurant there.

Another highlight in Brasov is the Romanian Orthodox Church of  St Nicholas

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