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Constanta, the Capital of the Romanian seaside

Nowadays in Romania the most important city is by far Bucharest, but for the second place there is a permanent fight among cities like Cluj-Napoca, Iasi or Constanta.
The Casino from Constanta acts a little sad, his founder build it 100 years ago to the memory of his beloved wife.

Constanta has good chances in this undeclared war. In summer, for instance, turns Constanta clearly to be the most important city in Romania, even many people from  Bucharest come here. The city of Constanta enjoys also the title of the oldest city in Romania, being created by Greek colonists already in the VIth century b.C.  In the first century b.C Constanta became for the first time very well known through banning of the Roman poet Ovid in the city, due its irreverent behavior. Ovid left the rest of his life here, being very unhappy  because of the chilly winters and the rudeness of the locals.
The statue is Ovid's, the famous Roman poet, banned to Constanta. Further behind, the history Museum, one of Romania's best

Nowadays, after a trembled milennary history, the things changed and improved dramatically, and I am sure that Ovid, as any other people would like to be banned here, in the uncrowned touristic Capital of the today Romania! The many stylish restaurants of the city never offer (noblesse oblige) chilled wine, but only to the right serving temperature.

From the many hotels of Constanta, I would like to recommend Hotel Yaki from Mamaia, having all the necessary ammenities (Mamaia is a holiday resort, counting as an outskirt from Constanta). Constanta's most important travel agent is his Mayor, Radu Mazare, a controversial picturesque figure, holding the first page of the tabloids!
Constanta means a lot, but first of all sun,sea and beaches.

You have no time for boring in Constanta! First of all, you can take a walk in the Center, in the Ovid square. Behind the statue of Ovidiu there is the Museum of History and Archaeology, one of the Romania's best, due to the richness of the artefacts and the presentation manner. Amazingly, everything stops in 1947, very similar with other leading History Museums from Romania. Not far you can find the Mosque Carol I, the core of the Muslim community of Romania. You can enter for a small fee, and admire a breathtaking panorama of Constanta from the height of its tower. Further the magnificent Orthodox Cathedral of St Peter and Paul, build in 1880, and painted much later in 1950.

Afterwards, walk further on the pier, watching Romania's most important shipyards and ports. And once, very majestic, appears the Casino, one of Constanta landmarks. It acts a little sad, its founder build it for the memory of his beloved wife, who died suddenly.Something very funny for the educated travelers, which is my personal remember: doing this tour of Constanta a few years ago with a super bus, the WC tank gone out of order and should have been evacuated in the very center of Constanta!

Further, whether on Constanta beaches, or in Mamaia, you can take sun bathes, or to have trips for wine tasting in Murfatlar or Niculitel ,  ship tour in Danube Delta. There are so many many things to do in Constanta, really a wide selection to your disposal.

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