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Extraordinary in Romania: Targu-Mures

Targu-Mures (Hungarian Marosvasarhely) is a magnificent city in Transilvania. Actually two cities: a Romanian one and a Hungarian one. Since big ethnic fights from 1990 these communities strive to live together, avoiding mixes. Nevertheless, mixing is unavoidable, and they only have to avoid mutual provocations!
Panoramic view of the interesting city of Targu-Mures

The population consist 50 % or Hungarians (most of them are Szekelyi, said to be not Hungarians. But neither they are Romanians, and they speak Hungarian and have strong connections to Hungary. Some of them simply refuse to learn or to speak Romanian. In the Middle of Romania, in Szekelyi land the Romanians are simply in minority, not more than 10-20 %, and the locals speak Hungarian. Incredible and sad, but true.)
The Culture Palace from Targu-Mures is one of the most interesting museums in Romania

But let's go back to our sheeps, the city of Targu-Mures (German Neumarkt), which has some wonderful monuments of Architecture. First of all comes in my mind The Culture Palace (Palatul Culturii/Kulturpalota) which is really a palace, comparing with many other buildings in Romania which are called palaces, but don't deserve this title at all! In the Culture Palace from Targu-Mures you will notice and recognize the style Art Nouveau with popular influences. And you will notice also the Mirrors' saloon, giving an extraordinary perspective. The feeling is overwhelming, you feel enlighted and is highly probably to get a brillant genius idea.
The Orthodox Cathedral in Targu-Mures lies in the central Roses' Market

You will also notice the rich collection of of Romanian and Hungarian painters, as also the weapons' saloon. The Culture Palace lies in the Roses's Market was opened in 1913, while the city enjoyed a peak of his culture life. Even today the city is an importand culture center for all Romania: here are located a very good  Medicin University and a good theater, hosting two troops, one Romanian, and one Hungarian.
City Hall from Targu-Mures at night

The City Hall is also located in the Roses' Market. It is older than the Culture Palace and was build in Secession style. Further in this Central Market are other interesting things to be seen: the big Orthodox Cathedral, hosting touching paintings inside; History and Archaeology Museum.

If you got tired, go and rest in a good restaurant, as Targu-Mures has many. Try first The Cave La Mitica, where you'll find an extraordinary atmosphere, with more languages being spoken to the tables. Or you can also try a good Hungarian restaurant at Emma Vendeglo, where you can surely find a good goulasch and Budapesta beefteck!

I am sure you are going to like this city, but I must warn you: a city break in Targu Mures is almost imposible, you need 2 days at least for knowing the city. Very close, in Ganesti, you can do a good wine tasting. 

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