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Things to do in Timisoara

Timisoara, very close to the Romania's western border, is  a sort of regional Capital. It is the country's third populous city, but one of the nicest. Timisoara was always a sort of Romanian avantgarde, lieing in a region, namely Banat, which enjoys the country's highest standard of life.
The Orthodox Cathedral of Timisoara is one of the city's landmarks

Timisoara has a long history, being settled for the first time in the good old abtic times; nevertheless, for the first time in writing dates back to 1030. In Middle Age Timisoara had a troubled history, being ruled by Hungarians, Turks, Austrians, even Serbs, and finally became Romanian after WWI. Today Timisoara is an interesting mix of nations, but also a model of peaceful life ( add to the mentioned nations the Italians, Germans, Ukrainians).

Timisoara is such a nice touristic city also because of its many parks and gardens

In Timisoara you can do walking trips in this wonderful city. Don't miss the Orthodox Cathedral, Unirii Square, Victoriei Square. Timisoara is very beloved in the all Romania, and not simply by chance the Romanian Revolution from 1989 to defeat Ceausescu started in Timisoara. You can follow the traces of this Revolution, and even find contemporary witnesses!
Timisoara has many old buildings, creating an eclectic  and charming mix of styles

At night, you can go in the City Opera Theatre, or in one of the three Timisoara's Theatres (Romanian, Hungarian, and German). Or you might enjoy a good dinner in one of the many restaurants of Timisoara (special mention for Hotel Restaurant Continental, offering a perfect service, and also a wide panorama of the city.)

In the history Timisoara was twice destroyed by fire, and once by plague, but managed to live further, as the Phoenix Bird (also the name of the most important Romanian pop band of the 70's) but nowadays enjoys its stable prosperity, being one of the Romania's favorite target of foreign investors.

You are going to love Timisoara from the first sight (please don't look first to the sad communist blocks!). The Architectural mix from the center is charming, comparable to Bucharest. Don't miss in Timisoara The Etnography Museum, in the city's oldest building, from the XVIIIth century.

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